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Sustainable Community Rainforest Retreat in Puna Hawaii



Hedo Photo History

Avocado Tent

Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community Rainforest Retreat

Hedonisia Community Facilities



Hedonisia Haka Hou Mana Mana!
Haka Hou Mana Mana!
Hedonisia Community Cooking Area

Hedonisia Barn Mural
Hedonisia Community Barn Mural

Community Hang Out Area
Hedonisia Community Hang Out Area

Solar Shower View
Our Jungle Shower is private yet with a lovely lush outdoor view!

Eco-Friendly Flush Toilet
Our famous and photogenic Eco-Toilet!
laundry facilities in Hawaii
Affordable Laundry Facilities at Hedonisia!
Community Refrigerators Dry Food Storage Lockers
Community Refrigerators & Dry Food Storage
Shared Community Food Shelf and Heartboard
Shared Community Food Shelf and Heartboard

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For Nightly Guests or if you have Quick Questions!
You can also call during Hawaii business hours: 808-430-9903 Community Participant Application Form

For Intern Community Managers, Fair-Trade Volunteers,
Monthly/Weekly Volunteer-Lite Specials

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