Hedonisia Hawaii Green Vacation Rentals

Hawaii Community Tourism


A Sustainable Community in Hawaii based on Eco-Tourism & Eco-Feminism!

If you just want to stay at Hedonisia for less than a week, stay on this site! HedonisiaHawaii.com is our eco-vacation rental site for short term stays.

However, if you are interested in staying a week or longer and finding out about the community, volunteer and educational opportunities we offer, please read on!

Many travelers want to have a vacation that involves more than just ‘seeing the sights’ or lying on the beach. Whilst there is nothing wrong with going home from a vacation in Hawaii with a sunburn, for a growing number of people that is simply not enough.

Voluntourism in Hawaii! More and more ‘eco-tourists’ are embracing the concept of voluntourism where you enjoy a working or educational vacation as well as do the ‘normal’ tourist activities.

We cater to such people! Our community and web projects are founded on the concept of social enterprise, creating businesses that address environmental and social needs as well as making enough of a profit to be sustainable.

As an intentional community founded on social enterprise we offer a number of volunteer, longer stay and educational programs:

  1. Taste of Hedonisia: Staying longer than a week or a month as a Guest
  2. Voluntourism: Fair-Trade Volunteer in exchange for Lodgings
  3. Intern in Hawaii! Sustainable Community Management Internship
  4. Sustainable Enterprise: Community & Activist Enterprise Workshops