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Aloha Bus

Semi-Private Shared Spaces

Aloha Bus: Semi-Private Shared Dorm Space

The Aloha Love Bus is a renovated school bus that is currently set up for two people, either a couple or two single adults.

Inside there is a full sized bed, a single bed, small table, storage shelves and lots of seating! The Aloha Bus can sleep up to three people.

However, it is usually used as a 2-person dorm space for single adults of the same gender. So if a female reserves it, it becomes a female dorm and ditto if a male reserves it!

The bus is now in its new location on the property located in a grove of native Hawai’ian Ohi’a trees.

Please note that this is called the ‘Aloha Love Bus’ because it has sensual artworks painted on the interior. The images are sexual but not graphic. As a result we do not recommend it as a lodging for children.

We kept it looking like a ‘normal’ school bus on the outside but the once inside it becomes a kind of naughty school bus! As a result, this bus is a popular rental for couples!

Ohi’a Camper

semi-private shared spaces

Ohia Camper Shared Dorm Space

The Ohi’a Camper is located just beside a lovely old growth grove of native Hawaiian Ohi’a trees. This Hawaii hostel dorm accommodation has two full size beds on either end. Ideal for two couples or a small family. It is an actual camper which we have decorated on the inside with quirky hedo art!

The Ohi’a Pop-Up Camper is good for groups, couples or small families.

It also doubles as a dorm space for two single adults of the same gender. For example, if a single female books a space in the Ohi’a Camper then it becomes a female dorm and vice versa.