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Writing & Research Internships in Hawaii

Many travelers want to have a vacation that involves more than just seeing the sites and sitting on the beach. Whilst there is nothing wrong with going home from a vacation in Hawaii with a sunburn and some great memories, for a growing number of people that is simply not enough.

At Hedonisia we are not blind to the world's problems. In fact we are actively engaged in solutions. However, we do not aspire to be serious activists devoting our lives to "the cause".

Instead we specialize in 'Pleasurable Activism'! We have fun in our little island paradise but we also engage in social enterprise web projects with a global reach.

If you apply to be an Intern or Apprentice Manager at Hedonisia you will be working with your brains on intellectural projects you are interested in!

Chris & Alice - Hedonisia Community Managers 2008

Cassondra & Lauren with Midnight the cat!

Hedonisia Community Managers 2012


a) Sustainable Community Activism Internship. Interns will be working on the intellectual aspects of our community operations.

  1. Hedonisia Handbook This is our ever evolving book on sustainable community management. Interns will be working on research and editing for this project.
  2. Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community website. We continually add and update content to this, our home website.
  3. Hawaii Local Community Activism. Hedonisia Hawaii is active on a number of local political fronts from advocating for bike paths and sidewalks in the local neighborhood to our local political support for community friendly zoning laws. Interns with skills experience and interest in working in this area are welcome to apply for this internship.

b) Business with Aloha Activist Enterprise Internships. Money can be used for good or evil and so can business. In recent years there has come another way to work for change. It is the concept of activist or social enterprise which is defined as a business that also satisfies social and environmental goals as well as seeking a profit. A solar panel maker would be an example of a social enterprise as it is a company which makes a profit from being eco-friendly. 

  1. Hedonisia Network of Activist Entrepreneurs. An Activist Enterprise is an organization that uses commercial methods, products or services to actively promote social or environmental change through the local, national or international political process. Our community and web projects are founded on the concept of social enterprise, creating businesses that address environmental and social needs as well as making a profit.
  2. Business with Aloha Workshops. Interns will be working on curriculum development and website design.

For those who would like to do Intern work of a more pro-choice or sex positive nature please read on . . .

Many people enjoy an eco-friendly vacation at Hedonisia without ever knowing of our other projects! As a community of individuals we respect everyone's right to their own truth as long as that respect is reciprocated. In addition to our sustainable community in Hawaii we have formed Equalist Enterprises LLC to manage our 'sensual' enterprise web projects.

Equalist Enterprises offers Research Internships under the Hedonisia Hawaii Fair-Trade Volunteer Program where you can work on the following web projects as part of your stay at Hedonisia Hawaii:

c) Pro-Choice Reproductive Rights Internship: For feminist interns! If you choose this internship you will be working on the following sites:

    1. Natural Miscarriage: Feminist pro-choice website that helps women make informed decisions with regards to reproduction and family planning. This is our most important social enterprise project. Since it began in 2002, over one million women around the world have visited this site for information on making their own reproductive choices.
    2. EcoSensual: Sensual, natural birth control ebook and online instructional guide for couples who wish to enjoy safe, effective and romantic natural family planning. This is a relatively new project started in 2009.

d) Equalist Sex Positive Research Internships: As a feminist leaning community we have many female travelers who feel safe coming here. We have a strong Dating and Sexual Harrassment Policy yet at the same time Hedonisia Hawaii does have a slightly sensual ambience from our couple friendly lodgings to the romantic art and murals on the property to our sensual enterprise web projects!

Interns may work on the following Equalist websites:

    • World Art Erotica: A Virtual Museum of Historical and cultural erotic art from around the world. Literature, Art and Teachings from Africa, India, China, Classical Europe, Japan etc.  Royalty Free Art for Members. This is our oldest project which began in 1995.
    • SexualEqualism: An evolving and politically incorrect book on sexuality in the modern world. This is our baby project. Very experimental and very new. We started this website in 2010.

Additional Information & Requirements for the Hedonisia Research Writing Internships:

    1. Educational Qualifications: Partial or complete degree in: Sociology, Women's Studies, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Social Enterprise, Marketing, Communications, Humanities, MBA, or BA.
    2. Computer Proficiency. Including experience with Google Docs. Experience with WordPress, Photoshop, web design, graphic design, might be required for certain projects.
    3. Work Experience in a related field may be substituted for formal education. Please specify what related work experience you have.
    4. Basic Research Skills: Including writing, footnotes and bookmarks. Experience with online research (e.g. using Google and other search engines)
    5. Hedonisia Hawaii Lodgings: We are high tech but we live in the jungle! Lodgings are rustic, and eco-friendly!
    6. Intern Work Requirements: 3 Hours a Day; 5 Days a Week. Weekends off.
    7. Hedonisia Community Support Split Shift: Unless they are working on a particularly critical research project, all Interns are required to spend 50% of their shift doing community support work such as weeding and landscaping or cleaning the community facilities. We have found that after 1.5 hours working on a computer, many Interns can't wait to get away from the screen!
    8. Intern Work Timetable: Monday to Friday.
      Community Support:
      - Cleaning: 10:30am to 12 noon
      - or Weeding and Land work: 9:30am to 11am
      Intern Computer Research Work. 1pm to 2:30pm
    9. Hedonisia Fair-Trade Volunteer Program: The Hedonisia Social Change Research Internship is under the same costs, rules and guidelines of the Hedonisia Hawai Fair-Trade Volunteer Program.
    10. Touch-Base Appointment: One week into your Tryout Period we will have a Touch-Base Meeting. At this point we will let you know about the quality of your work and how you fit into the Hedonisia community. You also have the opportunity to let us know how you are feeling about your experience at Hedonisia. and if you would like to stay longer, leave immediately or just leave after your Try-Out Period. So the Touch-Base Appointment is an "opt-out" for both parties!
    11. Student Certificate of Completion: If Intern is a student, then we can adjust the Intern hours to reflect the requirements of Student's educational institution.
    12. Virtual Work: Where possible it is sometimes possible to do Research Work prior to or after your stay at Hedonisia.

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