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Tech Volunteers & Managers in Hawaii!

Lilly doing image editing at Hedonisia Community - 2012

The Hedonisia Tech Volunteer Internship allows you to use your skills as a trade for lodging to support the continued development of social enterprise websites which we maintain at our community in Hawaii.

Presently we seek the following Tech Interns:

  1. Wordpress or Dreamweaver Web Developer

  2. Android or Apple App Developer

  3. SEO Network Marketing Specialist

  4. Graphic Design - (logos and image editing)

  5. Digital Video Editor

If you are proficient in any of the above specialties then we offer 3 options for you to be a Tech Volunteer at Hedonisia Hawaii:

      1. Fair-Trade Tech Volunteer (15 hours of work a Week) Cost: $160 fee for two weeks stay including lodgings under this option.
      2. Hedonisia Specialty Apprentice Manager (18 hours of work a week) Cost: $360 1st month. No fee after.
      3. Remote Volunteer Scholarship: (20 hours volunteer work per week of stay). Cost: Free! Normally every Volunteer has to pay for their stay under the Hedonisia Fair-Trade Program. However, for qualified applicants we offer the option to work remotely to "build up Volunteer hours". Then when you arrive at Hedonisia you will have time banked so you can relax for a while and enjoy free time in Hawaii!

Scroll down to get an idea of the websites we are working on. Pick a project that you like. This way you can feel enthusiastic about the project you are working on!

1) Hedonisia

This is our home website currently in html, which we are in the slow but exciting process of converting to a Wordpress based website.

  • Update Photo Gallery: add new and historical images and tags
  • Update Photos (volunteer, lodging, etc)
  • New Hedonisia videos for
  • Promoting Hedonisia with social networks
  • Search Engine Opimization for wordpress version of website

2) Natural

(***Interns must be pro-choice to work on this website.***) Feminist oriented website that helps women with reproduction decisions and family planning.

Here are some of the projects that a Wordpress Tech Intern will work on:

iPhone App Developers: Creation and Development of Natural Miscarriage iPhone Apps. Apps are on private phones and abortion is a private woman's choice. So as smart phones become increasingly used around the world we hope to put choice and information right into every woman's hands!

We are especially looking for a feminist leaning App developer who can see the potential this has for improving women's lives world wide. In order for us to do updates this would be a longer term relationship so we are also willing to offer a profit sharing deal based on App sales.


Museum of sensual art and literature from around the world.


Sensual, natural birth control ebook and online interactive guide for lovers

5) Sexual

A politically incorrect and evolving look at sex and gender relations in the world today. Please note this site is very much in beta version!

5) Hedonisia LLC

This site is the parent site for all our projects. It is in Wordpress and blog based with articles and contributions that connect the myriad Hedonisia concepts.


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