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Moving to Hawaii?

Christina was a Fair-Trade Volunteer who purchased land in HawaiiAre you thinking of buying land and moving to Hawaii?

Over the years Hedonisia Hawaii has acted as a landing point for many who wish to move to Hawaii island! We offer a number of options for people to stay cheaply, learn and work whilst settling down and finding their dream home in Hawaii.

Due to the real estate crisis and our location near the Kilauea volcano the price of land in the Puna region of East Hawaii is much lower than in many areas of America and Europe.

Living near a volcano of course has its risks. But then San Francisco is on an earthquake fault line and real estate prices are still sky high!

However, our high lava zone location means that traditional developers, condominiums, five-star hotels and Walmarts that have destroyed the natural beauty of much of Hawaii are not able to build here because the volcano may take it away!

In this development vacuum, land prices are lower than elsewhere in Hawaii thus affording an opportunity for natural ecofriendly communities to step in and create opportunities that would otherwise not exist in this area.

Hedonisia Hawaii is engaged in local political activism to give legal status to the various communities of Puna. The Puna region has intentional communities of all kinds. There are gay communities, yoga communities and raw food communities. Or there are simply people who bought a piece of land to have a small farm or rainforest home in Hawaii. In a nutshell, if you have a special interest (ie intention) you can buy a piece of land in Hawaii, create your website and then start attracting like minded people to come and live with you!

For many mainland Americans who wish to drop out of the rat race, the joys and pleasures of having a piece of paradise are definitely there! And for Europeans, the advantage of owning land in Hawaii is that it can make it easier to immigrate or just to visit their property. US Custom's Officials tend to be easier on foreign tourists who are visiting property that they own.

  1. Cheap Monthly Rates to stay at Hedonisia. Some people want to buy land and settle in a beautiful area of our Hawai'ian paradise. They often will stay with us at our cheap monthly rates which then gives them ample time to drive around and check out properties for sale.
  2. Business with Aloha Workshop. Our area in Hawaii is beautiful and rural but it does not have many jobs! We teach a workshop on 'Activist Enterprise' otherwise known as creating a business that does good in the world!
  3. Fair-Trade Volunteer Program. Being a Fair-Trade volunteer allows you to stay longer while looking for property and in the meantime get an education in rainforest living in Hawaii and learning how to work the land!
  4. The Hedonisia Sustainable Community Manager Apprenticeship: Many people have a dream of buying land and creating a community in paradise! Of course it's not that simple. There are all sorts of real world challenges that can bring your ideals down to earth very quickly. For example government permits, screening potential community members and finances. However, at Hedonisia we have gone through most of the hurdles that a community will face and now we can offer that knowledge to others! Being an Apprentice Manager is a fantastic way to learn sustainable community creation and managment, hands on, from an insider's perspective.

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