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'Business with Aloha!' Activist Enterprise Workshop

"You have opened my eyes to a world where ideals can thrive inside reality . . ."
Aaron Colantti (Hedonisia Workshop Participant)

Midnight the Hedonisia cat doing research!Since Hedonisia's humble beginings in 2004 as a vehicle junkyard we have evolved into a Sustainable Community based on Social Enterprise.

We have hosted many travelers and visitors who often ask: "How did you do it?" We did research and realised that there are very few places that offer instruction on how to create either a Sustainable Community or a Social Enterprise Business.

Most people would actually like to work at a job or a business that helps to make the world a little bit better. However, many progressive and caring people see business and capitalism as part of the problem rather than part of the solution to the world's myriad problems. We would beg to differ!

Capitalism and business do not have to be predatory and 'dog eat dog' style. Instead you can make a living and make a difference! Over the past few years a new phrase has come into existence, 'social enterprise'. Social Enterprises are defined as economically viable businesses that also address social or environmental needs.

In response, we decided to offer workshops that use our activist enterprise projects as case histories so that students get an 'insider's education' of how real life social enterprises and sustainable communities work and operate on a day-to-day basis.

Business with Aloha!

Activist Enterprise Private Tutor Class

Enjoy a Educational Vacation in Hawaii with our short workshop intensive!

Part 1 (1.5 hr) = $45 plus tax)
Part 2 (2.5 hrs) = $75 plus tax)

Many people want to make a living through work or business that is in alignment with their values. Using our social enterprise web projects as case histories, we show you how.

We customize this workshop based on your own social enterprise business ideas. And if you don't have any ideas we help to identify your core values so that you can develop an income plan based on them!

Having a business that promotes a better planet allows a person to work towards a solution as part of a sustainable process.

Course modules in curriculum:

  • Social Enterprise: Introduction to Social Enterprise
  • Social Entrepreneurs: Encouraging Creativity & Discussing Student Ideas
  • Sustainable Business: Defining, Creating & Maintaining a Sustainable Business
  • Virtual Business: Business Website, Online Marketing & Working Virtually
  • The Human Element: Customer Service & Finding a Healthy Balance for Yourself
  • Moral Business: Guidelines for and Benefits of Ethical Business Practices

Additional Information about Workshop

    1. Lodgings. Lodgings are NOT included. It is not required to stay at Hedonisia if you wish to reserve one of our workshops. However, our lodging prices are very affordable!
    2. Food and Flights: Workship participants are responsible for their own flight to Hawaii and must budget for their food needs to supplement what is available in our Hedonisia Food Gardens.
    3. Hawaii Vacation Time! Because you are living in a sustainable community you are learning even on your 'off' days! However, we believe that learning should be a pleasure especially if you are in Hawaii!
    4. Workshop Class Size. Prices are quoted per person and class size is limited to 3 persons. This allows students to enjoy a more customized and personal instruction.
    5. Certificate. We issue a Certification of Completion which can also be tailored to college or work requirements. Ideal for students seeking educational and work experience in a pleasurable environment at Hedonisia Hawaii


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