Hedonisia Hawaii Post-Volcano

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Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community was lost in the 2018 Kilauea volcano eruption. Three-quarters of the property was covered by lava.

Though all of our community buildings and homes were destroyed, the land emerged with a beautiful green oasis that did not get covered. In the Hawaiian language, it is called a kipuka .

Hedonisia Hawaii Kipuka - Lava to Lotus
Hedonisia Hawaii Kipuka - Lava to Lotus

In many of our community policies and practices, we tried to turn "shit into sugar" an expression that Mojo, the Community Director, learned in his parent's home country of Trinidad and Tobago. Rather than being stuck in grieving over our loss, we evolved and continue to work on projects born in our pre-volcano community.

Living in paradise allowed us to develop an approach to entrepreneurship and creativity which we called 'pleasurable activism'. We worked hard to play a role in improving the world but also had fun while doing so.. Post-volcano, we continue to do so with the Hedonisia  Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio.

Hedonisia manages a portfolio of projects with a focus on gender equality, reproductive rights, pleasurable activism, diversity, and free speech. We offer educational and sustainable tools for creative people who wish to make a living by making a difference. Our projects were started in the pre-volcano community with the help of interns and volunteers from around the world.

We are proud of all the projects in our post-volcano portfolio. However, in these divided times, one of our most important  projects is the Hedonisia Diversity and Free Speech Communication Workshop.

As our community is now online, virtual volunteers from anywhere in the world can work on the Hedonisia projects that resonate with them.

You are welcome to be part of our virtual community.

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