Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community Post-Volcano Rebirth

In 2018, Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community was covered by lava from the Kilauea Volcano EruptionWhile we grieve the loss of our community in paradise, we have not given up. We have been busy working on the Hedonisia rebirth.

We are starting with a tiny home. They are becoming more popular as a simple affordable way to live. This eco-hut is being built on a nearby guava forest grove which we own on land that was not destroyed in the eruption. 

Due to Covid 19, we are offering our partially developed land for sale. Thus we can concentrate our funds and resources on our original lava covered land.

The government has promised to rebuild roads to the area again so it is our intention to return to the original land.

Hedonisia Hawaii Tiny Home 

  • From January 1, 2021

For artists, writers, and other creative people who want a longer stay in a quiet space to be creative! We are accepting reservations for our first eco-hut which will be a smaller space of creativity and contemplation.

Ideal for friends, individuals or a couple who wish to stay for three months or longer. Please note. This will be a very rustic lodging with basic facilities . The idea is simple solitude in a guava forest! You will need a car for this rental. However, our residential rates are very affordable!

The Hedonisia Volunteer Programs

We divide our work into Brain, Body and Heart work options, which allowed many kinds of visitors to come and enjoy a discount working vacation in Hawaii where they could contribute their own heart, body or brain skills and experience.

Volunteers, guests and interns are welcome to work on any websites in our Hedonisia Entrepreneur Web Portfolio they have interest, enthusiasm or experience with.

Hedonisia Hawaii Community Rebirth!

We created the Hedonisia Rebirth Crowdfund Campaign to help us rebuild. Please feel free to donate. Thanks to all of you who support us and the work we are doing!

Alternatives to Hedonisia Hawaii

Lovely intern jungle pods!

Mojo, the Community Director of Hedonisia, has been working as a consultant for the Hawaiian Sanctuary Retreat. For Hawaii visitors who wish to enjoy a community experience we recommend Hawaiian Sanctuary, located close to Pahoa town.

Hawaiian Sanctuary is a permaculture community offering intern and guest options on 44 acres of lush food gardens and jungle: