2016 Hedo Pics

17 Jun

We are getting more and more interns and volunteers who are attracted to our Jungle Queen model of female empowerment.

Eco-Heart Repair Work!
Emma from UK on Heart Repair Work!

Rainforest Volunteers in Hawaii
Rainforest Volunteers in Hawaii

jungle volunteer in Hawaii
Hedonisia Volunteer Sophie using a pick-ax to tame the jungle
Hawaiian hibiscus flower in Puna jungle
One of the first hibiscus flowers of Spring


Working in the Puna Rainforest
Pleasureful is a morning's work in the rainforest

Cat in the rainforest
Cleo is cute and so is recycling

Yoga cat
Khalifa says, "Make sure you spray that mat with tea tree oil after each use"

Cabin in Hawaiian rainforest
Hedonisia volunteer Charlotte beautifies Kahuna Cabin
Marlane painting Hawaiian hut
Volunteer Marlane's rendition of a Jungle Queen


Hawaiian pet chicken
Mojo shares a laugh with Barbara (the hen) in the Smoking Temple


Cat at home in the rainforest
Cleo presides over the Pussy Palace


Yoga session in Puna, Hawaii
Friends do a yoga sesh in the Yoga Barn at Hedonisia


Women work in the jungles of Hawaii
Volunteers Lora (Bulgaria) and Charlotte (Connecticut) pose by Garden R

Volcanic crater in Hawaii
Emily, Amy and Brigid working in Hedonisia's own volcanic crater

Woman clearing bush in Hawaii
Intern Lauren shows us how it's done with the chainsaw

Coconut juice in Puna
Volunteer Noelani refreshes with coconut water

Pulling weeds and gardening in Puna
Anna, Emily and Rachel after pulling weeds all morning

Safe Hitchhiking in Hawaii
Hitchhiking in Hawaii