Hedonisia Pre-Volcano EcoFeminist Murals

18 Feb

EcoFeminist Community Jungle Queen Mural Art

Traditional Feminism sometimes has a tendency to focus on victimization and political correctness.

At Hedonisia, we chose to focus on pure expressions of power to as a means towards equality. Many wonderful artists over the years have created mural images of strong powerful sensual women throughout the community.

Many of our mural art images symbolize Female Physical, Environmental & Sexual Empowerment which we describe in greater detail in our site, HedoFeminista.com.

Based on the feedback we've had from the many women and men who stayed at our community, these murals of sex-positive empowered feminism are very appealing. Sadly all these murals are now under lava as the community was destroyed in the 2018 Kilauea volcano eruption.