Eco-Community Amenities

Community Amenities at Hedonisia Hawaii

Interns, Guests and Volunteers enjoy full access to all community amenities and communal areas at Hedonisia Hawaii. Complete outdoor kitchen, jungle shower and our famous Eco-Toilet! There is an outdoor sheltered community hang out and in the barn which is a communal space with computer, books and music.

Because we have the luxury of living in a tropical paradise, we have designed all our community facilities to be outdoor friendly. From our Jungle Kitchen to Eco-Toilet, our facilities take full advantage of our lush warm weather.

This allows visitors to enjoy unique rustic 'outdoor' community amenities while enjoying the usual comforts but in a different way!

Hedonisia Community Amenities

kitchen jungle stove
Jungle kitchen

Hedonisia Community Hang Out Area
Hedonisia Community Hang Out Area

Yoga Candy Barn in Hawaii
Sunshine in Candy Yoga Barn

Candy Barn Yoga Room
Candy Barn Yoga Room

Hedonisia Community Barn Mural
Hedonisia Community Barn Mural

Affordable Laundry Facilities at Hedonisia
Affordable Laundry Facilities at Hedonisia

Community Refrigerators & Dry Food Storage
Community Cold & Dry Food Storage

Shared Community Food Shelf and Heartboard
Shared Community Food Shelf

Solar Jungle Shower
Mojo having a Solar Jungle Shower!

The fabulous view from the Eco-Toilet
Jungle garden view from the Eco-Toilet

hawaii eco shower tourism hot amenities big island
The famous Jungle Shower!

kitchen hawaii eco recycle compost
Sink and compost area