Bamboo Hut Bungalow

Post-Volcano Hedonisia

This lodging is currently under lava after being destroyed in the
2018 Kilauea volcano eruption.

This page is preserved as a historical archive of pre-volcano Hedonisia Hawaii.

We are planning and preparing to return to our land and hope you can help us.

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Bamboo Hut Bungalow is a small hut close to the community facilities but still far enough away for privacy. At 8x8 feet, it is an intimate and totally cute little hut with a freshly painted red trim.

Bamboo Hut Bungalow Facade
Bamboo Hut Bungalow Facade

The Bamboo Bungalow is cozy and rustic. However, it has electricity and light. It is the only lodging along with Kahuna Cabin and the Jungle Cottage that has electricity.

Close to Facilities! This is also the closest accommodation to our famous Eco-Toilet and Solar Jungle Shower. The bathroom is an eco-friendly flush toilet with a view. Our hot water, semi-outdoor Jungle Shower is a lush luxury that allows you to enjoy getting clean in the rainforest in style.

The insect screen windows allow the beautiful ocean breeze in but not the mosquitos!

Bamboo Hut Hawaii
Bamboo Hut Bedroom View

Bamboo Hut Queen Bed
Bamboo Hut Full Bed

Bamboo Hut Full Bed Hawaii
Full-Size Bedhead in Hut

Bamboo Bungalow Hawaii
Bamboo Bungalow Entrance

Using recycled & renewable materials leave a very low carbon footprint compared to staying in a traditional hotel. It also allows us to offer accommodations at a cheap price!

Why this is an Eco-Friendly Hut

  1. We use Roll Down Screens & Shade Cloth for privacy & cooling,
  2. Metal Roofing has been Refurbished from old construction
  3. Uses Salvaged Lumber and locally grown Bamboo!
  4. Painted with Recycled Paint
  5. All cleaning is done with eco-friendly products with limited use of other products such as bleach.

Trash & Recycling: We ask that you take your trash and recyclables down to the Recycling Zone and separate them accordingly.

While this Lodging is no longer available we offer other lodgings at
Hedonisia Guava Land.

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