Cozy Nook Hut

Post-Volcano Hedonisia Hawaii

This page is kept as an archive of pre-volcano Hedonisia. This hut was completely covered by lava in the 2018 Kilauea eruption.

We are planning and preparing to return to our land and hope you can visit us.

Hedonisia Guava Land

Nestled up on a hill in the jungle among the lush vegetation, Cozy Nook Hut is as cozy as the name suggests We took a plastic work shed and converted it into an ‘eco-shack’.

eco shed hawaii couples double
Cozy Nook Hut Front entrance

Perched, toward the back of the property,  this little hut is perfect for those who enjoy privacy. Both the windows and door are opened at the guests discretion, to accommodate varied levels of exposure.

This hut is for sun lovers, it gets a healthy helping of morning sun. The doors open wide for a nice view of the sunrise. Cozy Nook Hut can accommodate up to two people on a full size bed.


hawaii eco lodging fairy
Side view of Cozy Nook

     Full size bed for 2

Cozy Nook is available under the:
Fair-Trade Volunteer Program.
For Couples or as a Single Person Upgrade.
Sustainable Community Manager Intern Program.
For longer term interns.
c) Weekly/Monthly Guest Rates with Community Shift. Week: $275. Month: $595

All prices include 13.42% Hawaii G.E. & T.A. Taxes
Please note that you can only choose your lodging space (if available) if you are accepted as a Weekly/Monthly Guest or if you pay the Volunteer Lodgings Upgrade Fee. However, we do try to honor volunteer and Intern requests based on availability, work ethic and how well participants 'fit' into the Hedonisia community.

If you wish to be an Intern, Guest or Volunteer
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