Guava Hale

Post-Volcano Hedonisia

This page is preserved as an archive of pre-volcano Hedonisia Hawaii.
Guava Hale was destroyed in the eruption.

We are planning and preparing to return to our land and hope you can help us.
We seek support to help rebuild Hedonisia Hawaii after its destruction in the Kilauea volcanic eruption.
Anyone can make a contribution, no matter how small.
You can also post about our story on Social Media.


The Guava Hale (pronounced haahley) is a beautiful hut made almost entirely of Strawberry Guava, a fast growing hardwood tree in our region.

Guava Hale Shark Mermaid Mural
Guava Hale Shark Mermaid Mural

Guava Hale has a wonderful hang out spot in the rear, and is the perfect distance from the communal areas. Large, native Ohi'a trees give this little hut shade and beauty.

The Guava Hut has a queen-size bed hand carved from guava wood by local artistic craftsmen who was once a volunteer at Hedonisia. Using traditional carpentry techniques he created a bed that is sturdy, elevated and quite open, which allows for a lovely sea breeze to waft through.

Guava Hut is continually evolving. These photos give you the general idea of what to expect. We are continually tinkering and experimenting with the hut to give visitors and volunteers a wonderful unique place that they enjoy in the jungle!

Guava Hut back entrance
Rear Entrance to Guava Hut
Guava Hut from exit
Rear Entrance showing Ocean Stone Floor
Strawberry Guava bedside
Strawberry Guava Bed Side View




Guava Bed Frame Queen Bed
Guava Wood Queen Bed Frame









Post-volcano options to enjoy a volunteer vacation
for a discounted stay in Hawaii

  • Hedonisia Guava Land. We are offering camping accommodations at our nearby property. The land is a beautiful guava forest where we are also building a sustainable eco-friendly tiny home. This property is a short drive to Kehena Beach and the Isaac Hale warm ponds.

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