Ocean View Hale

Pre-Volcano Hedonisia

This page is preserved as an archive of pre-volcano Hedonisia Hawaii. We are planning and preparing to return to our land and hope you can help us.

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Ocean View Hut is the highest point on the property and, as it's name implies, has a beautiful view of the ocean! The morning views are spectacular, and some nights you can even watch the moon rise right out of the ocean. The morning sunrise is the same.

Ocean View Shack in Hawaii
Ocean View exemplifies our cute rustic huts.

This location provides a lot of privacy and seclusion from the rest of the community, and is a very comfortable one or two person space.

In addition, due to it's height and private location Ocean View is the only lodging on the property that is Clothing Optional! For those who like to tan au naturel, there is a secluded area behind the hut! It is on the highest point of the property so no-one can look down on you! It's not Kehena Beach but it's private! And as the highest point on the property with a sweeping view of the ocean it is also very romantic. This is our most popular spot for couples.

Please take note that there is a short but quite steep walk to get to Ocean View. As a result this accommodation is reserved for able-bodied Guests and Volunteers. Be sure to bring an eco-friendly flashlight if you wish to reserve this lodging.

Ocean View Patio Mural in Hawaii
The Ocean View from the Patio Mural

Ocean View Lanai
Ocean View Lanai






Ocean View Hale Bed View
Ocean View Bed

Ocean View Hale
Soothing Ocean View Bed View

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