Puka Hale

Pre-Volcano Hedonisia

This page is preserved as an archive of pre-volcano Hedonisia Hawaii. This lodging was the most unique and because of its location at the bottom of our jungle crater, is currently under about 80 feet of lava.

We are planning and preparing to return to our land and hope you can help us.
We seek support to to help rebuild Hedonisia Hawaii after its destruction in the Kilauea volcanic eruption.


A rain forest hut in a volcanic crater

Puka Hale Crater Hut in Hawaii
Puka Hale. A hut in a volcanic crater.

The Puka Hale (crater hut) is located at the farthest corner of the property and is ideal for those who like privacy.

As an eco-hostel we are always trying to reuse and recycle with our projects and this is one of our own custom creations.

To make it an eco-friendly lodging creation, we used local bamboo and Strawberry Guava wood to create a rustic eco-shack. Except for the screws and the roof everything is reused or locally sourced.

When we describe Puka Hale as unique, we mean unique. This jungle shack is one of the world's only eco-hostel lodgings located right at the bottom of our volcanic crater. Yes, it's true! We have a dormant volcanic crater right on the property! However, it has not been active for at least 250 years!

Puka Hale is the most private spot on the property. Ideal for couples.

Puka Hale Hawaii Interior
Full Size Bed for couples or singles

Hawaii Crater Jungle View
Open Screened Crater Jungle View


Warning! Not for the faint hearted! 

This is the most remote lodging on the property so it is not for those who are physically challenged in any way as it requires a 100 foot descent on a winding path into the crater. The hut itself is located at the far side of the crater so we only recommend reserving it if you are a fit adult.

You will either love it for its solitude and uniqueness or hate it because it's so far away from the eco-toilet and the rest of the community! The choice is yours.

The Puka Hale is also available under the:
Fair-Trade Volunteer Program
Sustainable Community Manager Internship

While we cannot guarantee you will stay in this lodging space if you are in the above programs, we do try to honor volunteer and Intern requests based on availability, work ethic and how well participants 'fit' into the Hedonisia community.

Post-volcano options to enjoy a volunteer vacation
for a discounted stay in Hawaii

  1. Hedonisia Guava Land. We are offering camping accommodations at our nearby property. The land is a beautiful guava forest where we are also building a sustainable eco-friendly tiny home. This property is a short drive to Kehena Beach and the Isaac Hale warm ponds.

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