Rollinia House

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The Rollinia House page is being preserved as an archive of pre-volcano Hedonisia.

We are planning and preparing to return to our land and hope you can join us.
We seek support to to help rebuild Hedonisia Hawaii after its destruction in the Kilauea volcanic eruption.


The Rollinia House is a small, elevated hut that can sleep one or two persons. It has an east facing view of a beautiful palm tree farm. You can watch the sun greet the day right from the comfort of your bed!

This lodging is a small, elevated hut for one, with an east facing view of a beautiful palm tree farm. Watch the sun greet the day right from the comfort of your bed.

The Rollinia House bed is made from locally grown guava wood and we have provide recycled furnishings to store your belongings.

This accommodation got it's name because of the rollinia tree located next to it.  This type of tree produces a delicious white fruit that tastes like custard.

Rollinia House Viking Murals
Rollinia House Viking Murals

As an eco-feminist community we decorate our lodgings and facilities with a theme of depicting artistic images of strong sensual women.

And so you will notice art all over the property that shows warrior women and 'Jungle Queens'. It has proven to be a wonderful form of creative inspiration to those who visit our community.

For too often femininity is depicted in religion, culture and the media as being fragile, delicate and in need of the protection of a man. We dispense with that notion in our art, choosing to focus on depicting sensual strong 'feminine' women who can defend themselves!

In line with this theme we have painted this hut with colorful tropical 'viking ladies'.

Sensual Viking Queens
Sensual Viking Queens

Viking Scandinavia Eco Hawaii tourism single hale
Viking Corner View

On the interior of this tropical viking queen accommodation you will find:

  • Quaint guava twin size bed
  • Dresser to store clothes
  • Wire shelves for personal items
  • Large windows for ventilation and 360 degree jungle view

- * - * - * - * -

A Scandinavian History. It was the Swedish mother of his former girlfriend who inspired Community Director, Mojo to come to Hawaii. His girlfriend was also a soldier in the Canadian military. She was a living example of a strong feminine empowered woman and an influence on Hedonisia becoming an Ecofeminist community, based on female empowerment.

eco tourism hawaii bed single
                         The cozy bed inside

Mojo also lived for extended periods in Denmark. Combined with visits to Norway and Sweden he really got to live and feel Scandinavian culture firsthand. He especially noted and appreciated the strength of Scandinavian women.

Nordic Scandinavia has one of the highest rates of female empowerment and equality in the world. Sweden is often described as the first country with a feminist government.

So this little hut is a tribute to the viking ladies of the North.

Rollinia Viking Queen Boat Mural

Rollinia House is available under the:
Fair-Trade Volunteer Program
Sustainable Community Manager Internship

While we cannot guarantee you will stay in this lodging space if you are in one of the above programs, we do try to honor volunteer and Intern requests based on availability, work ethic and how well participants 'fit' into the Hedonisia community.

We offer weekly or monthly rates for those who wish to
volunteer in the community with one Community Support Shift per week.
Weekly Price: $275 - Monthly Price: $595
All prices include 13.42% Hawaii G.E. & T.A. Taxes

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