Ulu Hideaway Eco-Hut

Post-Volcano Hedonisia

This page is preserved as an archive of pre-volcano Hedonisia Hawaii.

We are planning and preparing to return to our land and hope you can help us.
We seek support to to help rebuild Hedonisia Hawaii after its destruction in the Kilauea volcanic eruption.
Anyone can make a contribution, no matter how small.
If you can't donate simply post a little about our story on Social Media.

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Ulu Hideaway Eco-Hut is one of our most unique creations. We originally built it as a small 'meditation hut'.  However, it ended up evolving into a beautiful lodging tucked away in the furthest corner of the property. This little hut sleeps one single adult.

Hexagon Shaped Ulu Hideaway
Hexagon Shaped Ulu Hideaway

Most of the frame of the hut was built with local Strawberry Guava wood. This is a fast growing tree which is classified as an invasive species. Most of the time, Strawberry Guava is not used for building or any other purpose in Hawaii. Most of the time it is just bulldozed off a person's land when they are clearing it.

So as part of our eco- friendly approach, we removed an prolific native species and used it, as opposed to just cutting them down and wasting the potential of the wood.

The hut is dry, open, and secluded. We used insect screens for the walls so guests can enjoy the sounds and sights of the jungle while being protected from the elements.

Inside the accommodation there is a single bed, pillow and full bedding.

It is one of our most affordable accommodations for a single person aside from the private camping option.

Staying in Ulu Hideaway is experiencing Hawaii in a completely different way. Bundled up on a cool Hawaiian night being this close to nature is amazing.

Corner View of Ulu Hideaway Exterior
Corner View of Ulu Hideaway Exterior

Interior or Ulu Hideaway Jungle View
Interior or Ulu Hideaway Eco-Hut Jungle View

Post-volcano volunteer vacation for a discounted stay in Hawaii

  • Hedonisia Guava Land. We are offering camping accommodations at our nearby property. The land is a beautiful guava forest where we are also building a sustainable eco-friendly tiny home. This property is a short drive to Kehena Beach and the Isaac Hale warm ponds.

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