AGRITOURISM: Eco-Community Jungle Gardens

All of our Jungle Gardens are Now Resting Under Lava

As we try to rebuild, we will always remember our past. 

Many of the links still work but some are broken. Feel free to visit the pages and videos. Everything you see was destroyed in 2018 when the lava took our property.

Eventually, we will take photos that approximate the previous location of these gardens. We had mapped out all the plants on the property. 

Archive Page: Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community

RIP: August 2004 - May 4, 2018. (Evacuation date) 

This page is part of the Pre-Volcano Hedonisia Community Memorial.
The 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption destroyed our community in Hawaii.

We are still waiting for the government to restore road access to our volcano home.

Hedonisia Post-Volcano Volunteer Program

Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio
Lava to Lotus

We have evolved into an online community based on interest and support for the projects in the Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio.

These projects were either born or developed in our pre-volcano community. 

We invite you to be a part of our online community:

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Agritourism: Loving the land

Hedonisia's property consists of 4 acres of lush eco-community jungle gardens. We created a garden system of gardens that are maintained by interns, fair-trade volunteers, and weekly or monthly guests. The jungle grows fast, and our biggest job is simply to keep the gardens from being overgrown.

Our farming model is to mimic Mother Nature. We find the plants that like to grow in our volcanic rainforest environment so much that they will grow like a weed with minimal maintenance! It allows us to grow many edibles on the property without the need for energy-intensive labor as with traditional farming.

As part of our agricultural tourism program, we have devised a unique classification system by dividing our property into 26 'gardens' of edible or decorative plants. This gives us a very efficient way to utilize eco-tourist volunteer labor as well as offering an intuitive way for Guests to easily find and harvest edible plants and fruits on the property.

Hedonisia Jungle Community Gardens


Tropical Fruit Trees on Property

We are more of a tree farming community. With eco-tourists who only stay for a short time, we simply don't have the continual labor to do 'normal' farming. Trees need a lot of attention in the beginning but once they start growing up they do their thing. A perfect symbol for a 'community of individuals'!