Hawaii Fauna Care & Control

Moving Forward from the destruction of the Kilauea volcano

As an eco-community we practiced what we preached. In our 14-year history, the Hedonisia community developed a number of websites, ebooks, eCourses that show how to make a living from activist entrepreneurship. 

You can show support by purchasing any of the services in our Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio..

With our approach to community living based on ecotourism and ecofeminism, we attracted wonderful people from around the world. We hope to be able to continue doing so in the future. 

Life & Death are part of Nature

Cat and Rat
Khalifa, our Jungle Queen, catching a rat

We try to accommodate all different kinds of lifestyles. However, that can sometimes be challenging in our jungle community.

To give one example, we have too many chickens on the property. They are a wonderful and free range source of eggs. Yet many meat eaters don’t want to be a part of the preparation process even if it’s just plucking and gutting and not killing.

While we understand that volunteer vegetarians and vegans cannot take a life for food there are even meat eaters who cannot bring themselves to kill despite their broader understanding of the fact that some species need to be controlled.

While that may sound noble and compassionate what it boils down to is that many sensitive city people are happy to benefit from others killing on their behalf as long as they don’t have to!

Now we even have sensitivities with regards to killing insects! We do try to accommodate people’s ever increasing range of sensitivities. However we live in a jungle community. Death is part of life here.

Anyone who lives close to nature understands that some animals have to be reduced in population so that others may survive. As the dominant species on this planet we have interfered with natural processes so much that now nature needs humans for species control.

Otherwise certain species like mongoose and rats become too numerous and then affect other species which is why Hawaii has suffered the greatest extinction of species than any other state in America.

It is quite fashionable to think that ANY killing is bad. That all animal and human life is worth saving no matter what the cost to other species.

However, it is part of nature for things to die or be killed. So we REALLY like it when someone who lives in our rain forest community understands the cycles of life and can play an active role in invasive species control. However, this portfolio has now been broadened to include caring for animal life and well as death. Death and life are complementary yin and yang so it is actually logical that they go together.

We invite prospective volunteers and interns to choose Fauna Care & Control as one of their contributions to the community!

Animal Care:

  • Chickens. maintaining the chicken coop and any other care.
  • Cats. Any specialized attention for the cats.

Animal Control:

  • - Mammal Pest control: Rats, Mice and Mongoose.
  • - Chickens Control:  (Killing or plucking/gutting).
  • - Insect Control: Carpenter Bees, Mosquitoes and Fire Ants.