Tropical Garden B

This Garden is Now Resting Under Lava

As we try to rebuild, we will always remember our past.

In our 14-year history, the Hedonisia community developed a number of websites, books, and eCourses and the Hedonisia Diversity and Free Speech Communication Workshop..

With our approach to community living based on ecotourism and ecofeminism, we attracted wonderful people from around the world. 



  • Outer edge of Crater & Berm path from Smoking Temple past Cottage to edge bordering Hinalo street

Lodgings and/or Facilities in areas of Garden:

This Decorative Garden has the following plants:

  • Avocado (1)
  • Aloe Vera
  • 2 Coconut Trees
  • Ti Trees
  • Coleus
  • Mexican Sunflowers
  • Coral Berry
  • Laua'e Fern
  • 'ama'u Tree Fern
  • Varietal Gingers

Maintenance Activities For This Garden:

  • Main Weeds: Cane Grass
    • Eradicate cane grass as close to the base as possible using Kama and pickax out if accessible
    • Dump weeds onto berm on the side of Jungle Cottage to build a safe slope at 45° angle.
  • Identification and Labeling:
    • Tag and label  transplanted trees with bright color tree ribbon,
    • Label the tree with transplant date (only babies so we can see the growth process)
    • Update plant pages if any are added or deleted from the garden.
  • Borders & Maintenance:
    • "Civilize" Berm (side path) trail - fill walking gaps and spaces with base of black rock and finish layer of red cinder
    • Keeping the borders free of weeds and mosses is easy and can be done weekly during Spring/Summer, bi-weekly Fall/Winter 15 minutes during a shift.
    • Hand weed around each tree/large plant
    • Use weed whacker to trim grasses where needed, making sure NOT to hit the plants or trees.
    • Fine hand weeding in the rest of the garden using the Kama to remove choking weeds and climbers
    • Add soil to smaller plants, trim and mulch tree bases as in propagation section above.
    • We also collect wood shavings from projects to use as a decorative mulch in non-food beds. Guava inhibits plant and weed growth, so use in decorative areas only.
    • If you have processed compost, mix in equal amounts with soil for feeding.
  • Harvesting:
    • Harvesting regularly promotes budding and growth low to the ground. Keep an eye out to see if it's needed weekly or bi-weekly (fruiting trees as Avocado)
    • Pick up Coconuts that have fallen and take them to outdoor eating area
    • Some trees need topping or harvesting is impossible, and food will be damaged and unusable.
    • Check with the director first about topping a tree, or if you have any ideas for new red plants in this area.