Tropical Garden F

The recycling zone needs to always be clear of weeds around it as well as the small bits of trash that are between the recycling containers. The smoking temple and Recycling Zone are highlighted, and tips are given on how to retain an organized recycle station as well an easily accessible smoking area.


  • Behind and to the Left of Recycling Zone all the way to the Smoking Temple

Lodgings and/or Facilities in areas of Garden:

This Mixed Garden has the following plants:

  • Coleus
  • Bamboo
  • Taro
  • Avocado
  • Ti Tree
  • Night Blooming Jasmine
  • Laua'e Fern

Maintenance Activities For This Garden:

  • Main Weeds: Lawn Grass, Stink Maile, vines, and chokers, Albizia Trees
    • Fine hand weed with a Kama and remove grass, Stink Miley, and chokers between plants
    • Cut down baby Albezia's when you see them crop up. Verify before cutting, ask someone if you're not sure.
  • Identification and Labeling:
    • Update plant pages if any are added or deleted from the garden.
  • Borders & Maintenance:
    • Keeping the borders and rock borders free of weeds and mosses is easy and can be done weekly during Spring/Summer, bi-weekly Fall/Winter 15 minutes during a shift.
    • Use weed whacker to trim grasses along borders of garden
    • Continue fine hand weeding the rest of the garden using a Kama to remove choking weeds and climbers
    • Add soil to smaller plants, trim and mulch tree bases as in propagation section above.
    • We also collect wood shavings when shaving for projects to use as a decorative mulch in non-food beds. Guava inhibits plant and weed growth, so use in decorative areas only.
    • If you have processed compost, mix in equal amounts with soil for feeding.
  • A. Smoking Temple Garden
    • Maintain airflow at cliffside
    • Keep Coleus trimmed and maintained along with the fragrant decoratives behind the Pussy Palace
    • Create landslide protection with bamboo nodes and keep it manageable as it grows.
    • Maintain plants around the structure using the Kama gently.
    • Trim leaves of giant palm when drooping
    • Keep Taro growing and trimmed in this area as it acts as a succulent in the water drainage area
  • B. Recycling Center
    • Remove tape and labels from brown boxes in cardboard bin
    • Break down and set aside brown boxes and cardboard for future projects requiring mulch
    • Place brown paper bags in cardboard bin for mulch
    • All boxes NOT brown are broken down and placed in mixed recycling
    • Organize (Put recyclables in proper containers) Pandora's Box to allow for easy recycling days
  • Harvesting:
    • Harvest regularly when fruiting