Tropical Garden O

Location: Mulberry Hill to the Second Terrace (Under Kahuna Cabin)

Lodgings and/or Facilities in areas of Garden:

This MIXED Garden has the following plants:

Maintenance Activities For This Garden:

  • Main Weeds: Cane Grass, Koster's Curse, Stink Maile, climbing and choking vines
    • Eradicate cane grass as close to the base as possible using a Kama and pickaxe out if accessible
    • Cut climbing/choking vines at the base of the vine to kill. Remove off plants carefully.
  • Identification and Labeling:
    • Tag and label  transplanted trees with bright color tree ribbon,
    • Date the tree with date it was transplanted (only babies so we can see the growth process)
    • Update plant pages if any are added or deleted from the garden.
  • Borders & Maintenance:
    • Replace cane grass below Kahuna Cabin with Guava, Ginger, and Vetiver Grass
    • Improve slope steps and make safer - plant Guava on both sides of steps
    • Prune unreachable branches, and those that overshadow the Suriname Cherry, to use as transplants to thicken the Mulberry patch
  • Harvesting:
    • Harvesting fruit in season regularly promotes budding and growth.
    • Encourage guests/Volunteers to grab food from these areas also to harvest to eat
    • If the trees are getting too tall to harvest, check with the director first about topping a tree or if you have any ideas for new edibles to plant in the terraces