Tropical Garden P


Lodgings and/or Facilities in areas of Garden:

This MIXED Garden has the following plants:

And the following trees:

Maintenance Activities For This Garden:

  • Main Weeds: Cane Grass, Koster's Curse, Stink Maile, Fire Ants, Miconia, chokers, climbers, creepers
    • Eradicate cane grass as close to the base as possible using a Kama and pickax out if accessible
    • Use a Kama to cut the climbers and the chokers at the plant base to kill them. Remove off plant carefully.
    • Remove all creeping weeds from around the whole garden beds.
  • Identification and Labeling:
    • Tag and label  transplanted trees with bright color tree ribbon,
    • Date the tree with date it was transplanted
    • Update plant pages if any are added or deleted from the garden.
  • Borders & Maintenance:
    • Keeping the rock borders free of weeds and mosses, weed whack the area of large grasses to keep walkways low and clear
    • Thin out Mexican Sunflower
    • Maintain view of ocean from the bottom behind Banana
    • Keep area behind Banana clear of brush and tarped when in Avocado season
    • Cut down Bananas as they ripen or leaning on lodgings and become a danger, cut up and mulch in banana stand
    • Check for standing water on tarps and remove water
    • If Papaya tree becomes too tall to harvest with fruit picker, top tree to about 6-7 feet, it will regrow new leaves and re-fruit (Check with Director first!)
  • Harvesting:
    • Harvest Bananas when ready, cutting down the whole tree and mulching
    • Harvest Avocado daily when in season
    • Harvest Papaya with fruit picker