Tropical Garden W


Lodgings and/or Facilities in areas of Garden

This DECORATIVE Garden has the following plants:

Maintenance Activities For This Garden:

  • Main Weeds: Cane GrassStink Maile, Fire Ants, choking, creeping and climbing weeds
    • Spray Soapy Water mix before working in this area
    • Eradicate cane grass as close to the base as possible using a Kama and pickax out if accessible
    • Use a Kama to cut the climbers and the chokers at the plant base to kill them. Remove off plants carefully.
    • Remove all creeping weeds from around the whole garden beds and walkways.
    • Remove Mexican Sunflower from border - bring to crater slope at road front
  • Identification and Labeling:
    • Tag and label  transplanted trees with bright color tree ribbon,
    • Date the tree with date it was transplanted
    • Update plant pages if any are added or deleted removed from the garden.
  • Borders & Maintenance:
    • Remove weeds and expose roots of Ohia growing on rock - GIRL weeding
    • Keep clear all weeds from Guava Hale and Ohia Camper sides and walls
    • Fill holes and level land between Ohia Camper and Guava Hale or create raised garden bed - take care w/ support poles of camper
    • Weed barrier log and keep lawn clean
    • Lower the height of decoratives and weeds to give an ocean view from camper
    • Weed Ginger in front of camper neatly remembering to keep privacy
    • Weed Pee Garden by camper and keep clear for night time use
    • Weed and keep 'camp spot' neat for emergency overflow campers
    • Using a Kama, cut off dead Banana leaves off Banana Trees and drop on roots to mulch
    • Weed whack along the whole border on all sides to keep neat appearance
  • Harvesting:
    • Harvest baby Banana plants (include roots) - replant in crater the same day
    • Harvest Papaya with fruit picker when yellow, and Coconuts when they fall
    • Some trees need topping or harvesting is difficult.  Check with the director first about topping a tree or if you have any ideas for new red plants in this area.