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Bananas in Hawaii

1) Banana Plant General Information: Location on Property: Gardens: H, I, P, S, W, Z, Jungle Cottage, Bamboo Hut, Ohia Camper, Aloha Bus, Rollinia House, Scientific Name: Musa acuminata Region of Origin: Edible bananas originated in the Indo-Malaysian region reaching to northern Australia. Type: Useful General History: The early Spanish explorers introduced banana plants into America from Spain as a hardcore, large cooking banana, known[…]


Barbara the Chicken! Community Rooster with the Hedonisia Heart! Name of Animal: Chickens! Type of Animal: Edible! Hedonisia Rooster starting the day! 1) Animal History & General Information: a) Scientific Name: Gallus gallus domesticus b) Region of Origin: Humans first domesticated chickens of Indian origin for the purpose of cockfighting in Asia,[…]

Avocados in Hawaii

1) Avocado Plant General Information: Location on property: Gardens: A, B, G, H, P, U,  Scientific Name: Persea americana Region of Origin: Central America – The avocado probably originated in southern Mexico but was cultivated from the Rio Grande to central Peru before the arrival of Europeans. Type: Very Edible! Avocados in Hawaii General History: An avocado is a fruit[…]