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Wild Pigs

Intern Fiona & Little Cesar 2013

Intern Fiona & Little Cesar 2013

Wild Pig Hawaii

Wild Pig Hawaii

Name of Animal: Wild Pigs

Type of Animal: Edible but also a great pet!

1) Animal History & General Information:

a) Scientific Name: Sus scrofa Hawaiian Name: Pua’a

b) Region of Origin: The first wild pigs in the United States originated solely from domestic stock brought to North America by early European explorers and settlers. Many years later, Eurasian wild boar were introduced into parts of the United States for hunting purposes. In areas where domestic pigs and Eurasian wild boar were found together in the wild, interbreeding occurred. Today, many hybrid populations exist throughout the wild pig’s range.

c) General History: Pigs were brought in by the original Hawaiians over 1000 years ago. And then the European settlers brought in their own species of pig which mated with the Polynesian pig to create a new kind of pig!

d) As Food: The wild pigs in Hawaii have a happy life. Humans are their only natural predator and they have an abundant diet. So unlike a factory farmed pig, which is bloated with overfeeding, antibiotics and hormones our pigs roam happy and free. As a result they are like heirloom pigs and are very delicious!

e) Controlling Spread: Because the wild pigs are officially an invasive species in Hawaii we can hunt them. We welcome vegetarians and vegans at Hedonisia. Most have no problem with us hunting them as they understand the cycles of nature. An animal that lives wild and free can be hunted by other animals. That is the way of Mother Nature. And we follow that way at Hedonisia!

f) History of this Animal at Hedonisia: Pigs are wild animals. Nevertheless, they usually run away from humans. If you encounter one at night make a barking noise or clap and that is usually enough for them to run away. Unfortunately the pigs have proven to be quite a nuisance at Hedonisia. They rip up our gardens at night. They uproot trees and the tear up the trails. To be honest, we do not feel very guilty eating them!

g) Location on Property: Everywhere on the property except inside the buildings. They just love to run around!