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Barbara Hawaii

Barbara the Chicken!

Rooster Hawaii

Community Rooster with the Hedonisia Heart!

Name of Animal:

Type of Animal:


Hedonisia Rooster

Hedonisia Rooster

1) Animal History & General Information:

a) Scientific Name: Gallus gallus domesticus

b) Region of Origin: Humans first domesticated chickens of Indian origin for the purpose of cockfighting in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

c) General History:

d) As Food? They are like pets and we do love them but when they really behave badly like pooping in the eating or hang out areas then there is a penalty. However, most behave well and the hens play a really nice game of hide and seek with their eggs. For example, since 2011 they decided to lay their eggs in the tool shed despite us building a nice chicken coop for them. See above photo!

e) Controlling Spread: Roosters do not like each other. And so they crow loudly in the morning and then fight all day to establish their masculinity. We eat the loudest and most macho cocks.

f) History of this Animal at Hedonisia: We started with one 4 chickens, Moses and his three hens who have now grown to an unknown amount. So we eat the extra ones. It is the way of nature. In 2011 we had a number of vegetarians on the property. They were the ones who asked for a particular rooster’s head because he was crowing so loudly.

We have told the chickens that they face the ultimate penalty if they enter the Barn. But every now and then there is a rebel . . .

However, the chickens are great with controlling slugs and are excellent food compost processors! Each chicken has its own character. It’s so different when chickens live wild and free compared to the caged ones. They develop character!

g) Location on Property: Everywhere on the property. However, they are not allowed in the cooking or hangout areas.