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Geckos & Other Lizards at our Eco-Community

Name of Animal: Gold dust day gecko

Type of Animal:

1) Animal History & General Information:

a) Scientific Name:  Phelsuma laticauda laticauda

b) Region of Origin: Madagascar

c) General History:  While there are over 1,450 varieties of gecko (or Mo’o in native hawaiian), only eight species dwell in the branches and hales of Hawaii.  Some claim that their presence started in 1974 when a student at the University of Hawaii released eight gold dust day geckos into the upper Mano Valley. Others claim that they are stoaways who hitched a ride on the first polynesians’ boats or possibly arrived riding the flotsom of the sea (their eggs are impervious to salt water).  However they arrived, populations are now well-established in Oahu, Maui and here in Hawaii. The bright green lizard has beautiful blue-rimmed eyes, two or three red lines across its snout and, as the name implies, orange-gold spots across its neck and shoulders.

They are amazing creatures with extremely effective eyesight and see many more colors than the human eye.  these geckos are quite nimble and fast, scurrying up walls and cielings with great speed.  These beautiful creatures will even self amputate their own tails to evade predators.  The confused predator will go after the still wiggling tail while the gecko can escape.   The tail will grow back in about a week or two and causes no harm to the animal.  The females are parthenogenic and can actually reproduce without copulating!

Geckos—long thought to be a smaller incarnation of the great lizard Mo’o—are considered to be ‘aumakuas: deified, ancestral spirits that are often manifested as animals.  These geckos are a reminder of Hawaii’s magical past, where the Mo’o—a primarily female shapeshifter—alternated between its lizard form, water dragons, and stunning, seductive women. Known to direct weather and call forth enormous ocean swells to deter trespassers, the Mo’o were considered to have great powers. So powerful was its legend that pools throughout Hawaii once had stone markers to symbolize their Mo’o inhabitants.

d) As Food:  Geckos are consumed by humans in certain parts of the world, but can result in some nasty side effects.

e) Controlling Spread:  Occasionally our cats may chase, capture and eat the geckos.  This naturally keeps the populations of the geckos on the property in check.

f) History of this Animal at Hedonisia:

g) Location on Property:  These beautiful and amazing geckos can be found roaming all over the property here at Hedonisia Hawaii.  Don’t be alarmed if you encounter them while cutting some fruit in the kitchen, practicing yoga in the barn, or even relaxing in your accomodation.  they are welcome occupants here as they eat mosquitos, termites and cockroaches.  These lizards are harmless and we welcome them as a delightful addition to our rainforest community!