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Animals & Wildlife

Hawaii Gecko

Geckos in Hawaii Geckos & Other Lizards at our Eco-Community Name of Animal: Gold dust day gecko Type of Animal: 1) Animal History & General Information: a) Scientific Name:  Phelsuma laticauda laticauda b) Region of Origin: Madagascar c) General History:  While there are over 1,450 varieties of gecko (or Mo’o in[…]

Coqui Frogs

Name of Animal: Coqui Frogs Type of Animal:  Invasive species 1) Animal History & General Information: a) Scientific Name:  Eleutherodactylus coqui b) Region of Origin:  Puerto Rico c) General History:  The coqui is a small tree frog slightly larger than 2.5 cm (1 in) long. Round body shape. It’s coloration is[…]

Wild Pigs

Name of Animal: Wild Pigs Type of Animal: Edible but also a great pet! 1) Animal History & General Information: a) Scientific Name: Sus scrofa Hawaiian Name: Pua’a b) Region of Origin: The first wild pigs in the United States originated solely from domestic stock brought to North America by early European explorers and settlers. Many[…]

Cats in Hawaii

  Name of Animal: Cats! Animal: Non-Edible! We love them! 1) Cats in Hawaii History & General Information: a) Scientific Name: Felis catus b) Region of Origin: c) General History: Cats were brought in by European settlers to Hawaii. Many escaped or were let out into the wild where they became feral. With no natural[…]

Little Fire Ant

Since arriving in the Puna area in 1999, the Little Fire Ant or Wasmannia auropunctata has created a lot of pain in paradise. Though tiny, each ant delivers a painful sting. It is different from a mosquito bite in that the welt and sting lingers longer. And often ants will bite simultaneously making a bigger[…]


  Barbara the Chicken! Community Rooster with the Hedonisia Heart! Name of Animal: Chickens! Type of Animal: Edible!   1) Animal History & General Information: a) Scientific Name: Gallus gallus domesticus b) Region of Origin: Humans first domesticated chickens of Indian origin for the purpose of cockfighting in Asia, Africa, and Europe.[…]