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Edible Yummy Plants

Sweet Potato

1) Plant History & General Information:             ! Location on Property: Garden Z, Kahuna Cabin, Bamboo Hut, Garden J, Scientific Name: Ipomoea batatas Region of Origin: Between the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico and the mouth of the Orinoco River in Venezuela. We have two types of sweet potatoes growing here. Sweet potato,[…]

Surinam Cherry

1) Plant History & General Information: Location on Property: Garden D, Garden O Scientific Name:  Eugenia uniflora Region of Origin: Tropical America (Guyana, French Guiana, southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay) General History: Portuguese voyagers carried the seed from Brazil to India then to Italy and the rest of southern Europe and then to Florida. The leaves are[…]

Strawberry Guava

1) General Information:   ! Location on Property: All Slopes (Especially Garden X) Scientific Name: Psidium cattleianum Region of Origin: Native to Mexico and Central America, northern South America, parts of the Caribbean and some parts of North Africa, it is now cultivated throughout the tropics. Type: Edible General History: It is native to Brazil and[…]


1) Plant History & General Information: Location on Property: Garden I and Garden R Scientific Name: Averrhoa carambola Region of Origin: native to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka General History: Starfruit, is the fruit of Averrhoa carambola, a species of tree native throughout Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and parts of East Asia. The tree is also cultivated throughout non-indigenous tropical areas, such as[…]


1) Plant History & General Information:    ! Location on Property: Herb Spiral, Laundry & Bathroom Zone Scientific Name: Mentha Spicata Region of Origin: Native to much of Europe and Southwest Asia, though its exact natural range is uncertain due to extensive early cultivation. General History: Biblical references to mint suggest it was of such[…]

Sensitive Plant

1) Plant History & General Information:  Location on Property: Garden N, and all over the property Scientific & Other Names: Mimosa pudica; Sleepy Vine Region of Origin: Native to South America and Central America General History: Mimosa pudica was first formally described by Carl Linnaeus in Species Plantarum in 1753. The species epithet, pudica, is Latin for “bashful” or “shrinking”, alluding to its shrinking reaction to[…]

Rollinia Tree

1) Plant History & General Information:   ! Location on Property: Garden P Scientific Name: Rollinia Deliciosa Region of Origin: South America General History: Rollinia is thought to have originated in northern Brazil along the banks of the Amazon. It is also found in its natural state in Guiana, southern Mexico, Peru, and northern Argentina. Seeds from Brazil were sent[…]

Cranberry Red Hibiscus

1) Red Hibiscus History & General Info Location on Property: Garden D, Garden E, Avocado Hale, Scientific or Other Names: Sorrel; Roselle; Red Hibiscus Region of Origin: Native to warm, temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. General History: Roselle is native from India to Malaysia, where it is commonly cultivated, and must[…]


1) Plant History & General Information:   ! Location on Property: Garden L, Garden N Scientific Name: Ananas comosus Region of Origin: Brazil and Paraguay General History: The name pineapple in English comes from the similarity of the fruit to a pine cone. The word was first recorded in 1398, where originally used to describe the[…]


1) Plant History & General Information:   i Location on Property: We try to use Papaya trees in our ‘Pee Gardens’ around the property! Scientific Name: Carica papaya Region of Origin: Native to the American tropics. General History: Originally from Central and South America, papaya is now cultivated in most tropical countries. In cultivation,[…]