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Aechmea ‘Burning Bush’

  • Location on Property: Garden A Lava Rock Wall at Entrance under Hale ‘legs’


  • Aechmea Hawaii

    Aechmea Hawaii

    Scientific Name: cv. of fulgens X ramosa hybrid  …hybrid cultivar of the genus Aechmea in the Bromeliad family

  • Region of Origin: Tropical
  • Type: Beautiful & Useful
  • General History: Aechmea is a large genus of mostly epiphytic bromeliads. The plants form broad rosettes of arching leaves with a central “tank” or reservoir for collecting water. The inflorescence varies in color from deep pink to bright reddish orange, with small rounded berries that are pink to yellow. This is a Registered specialized plant

Plant Uses:

  • As Food: UNK
  • As Medicine: UNK
  • Other Uses: / Houseplants, decoration

Growing Instructions

  • Growing: Water Medium (2-3x week)   Care should be taken to ensure that the central “tank” always has some water in it through overhead irrigation or rainwater. Bromeliads, in general, dislike heavy fertilization.
  • Best time to Harvest: NA
  • Sunlight Requirements: ‘Burning Bush’ is good for partial or full shade locations in the landscape. It dislikes sun.
  • Soil Requirements: Because of their sparse root system, bromeliads demand a well-drained soil. In heavy soil areas, till the planting area and incorporate compost and topsoil prior to planting
  • Propagation: UNK
  • Controlling Spread: UNK
  • Difficulties with this plant:  Too much and direct sun will kill.

History of this Plant at Hedonisia

  • UNK

Recipes: NA