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Hedonisia Hawaii Botanical Plant Inventory


1) General Information:

Location on propertyGarden A  Garden R and Garden W,  Jungle Cottage


Coleus Flowers

Coleus Flowers

a) Scientific name: Solenostemon spp.

b) Region of Origin: Tropical Africa, Asia, Australia, the East Indies, the Malay Archipelago, and the Philippines

c) Type: Beautiful & Useful

d) General History: Coleus found their way into Europe and later, America, by way of traders and botanists. Today Coleus is once again a desirable and fashionable garden plant. New, cutting-propagated Coleus varieties have been developed that bring this lovely Coleus out from the shadows and into the sun! Many of the new cultivars are slow to bloom, freeing up their caretakers from the tedium of pinching blossoms.

2) Plant Uses:

a) As Food: /

b) As Medicine: /

c) Other Uses: Coleus are typically grown as ornamental plants. However, coleus leaves can also be used as natural toilet paper! The leaves are soft, colorful and beautiful.

3) Growing Instructions


a) Growing: Propagation seeds, stem cuttings, blooms should be pinched off. Light shade or partial shade.

Coleus Hawaii

Coleus Hawaii

b) Best time to Harvest: /

c) Sunlight Requirements: Full Shade, Partial Shade, Full Sunlight

d) Soil Requirements:  New Coleus plants should be planted in a good quality soil mix as soon as possible.

e) Propagation: Cutting, Division, Grafting, Seed, Separating

  • With your hands, snap off branches at least 12 inches long above a set of full leaves
  • Find the area you want to transplant to and stick in the ground 2-3 inches
  • Water thoroughly

f) Controlling Spread: It doesn’t hurt Coleus to be pinched and pruned. In fact, it is often necessary to prune Coleus in mid-summer to help the plant keep its shape and freshen its appearance. A plant that is allowed to overgrow may cause its pot to topple or branches may snap under their own weight.

g) Difficulties with this plant: n/a

h) History of this Plant at Hedonisia: n/a