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Laua’e Fern

General Information:

  • Lauae Fern Hawaii

    Lauae Fern Hawaii

    Scientific Name & Nicknames: Phymatosorus scolopendria; Musk Fern, Laua’e, Maile-Scented Fern, Wart Fern

  • Region of Origin: Native to parts of Oceania and tropical Asia.
  • Type: Beautiful
  • Description: Bearing fronds that resemble breadfruit leaves, the hardy Laua’e fern is one of the most beautiful and well-known ferns throughout the Hawaiian islands, its snaky green stems intertwine at ground level with carpets of shiny indented finger-like leaves. Its leaves can be as large as 2′ long. Laua’e fern requires moisture, warmth, and shade to ensure optimal growth.

2) Plant Uses:

  • As Food: none
  • As Medicine: n/a
  • Other Uses: Cut fronds can last about a week for flower displays. The crushed leaves of some populations of this fern have a pleasant Maile (vanilla-like) fragrance and are used to make leis and to scent tapa.

Location on Property: Garden B