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Hedonisia Hawaii Botanical Plant Inventory

Mexican Sunflower

Mexican Sunflower Closeup

Mexican Sunflower Closeup

Mexican Sunflower Grove

Mexican Sunflower Grove

Name: Mexican Sunflower

Type of Plant: Beautiful/Useful!


1) Plant History & General Information:

a) Scientific & Other Names: Tithonia rotundifolia

Mexican Sunflower Hawaii

Mexican Sunflower Hawaii

b) Region of Origin: Mexico and Central America

c) General History: Spanish explorers discovered the plant during their early excursions into Mexico and brought it back to Europe in the 1500’s. By the 1700’s it was being grown in the United States and Thomas Jefferson had included it in his Monticello gardens.

2) Plant Uses:

a) As Food: /

b) As Medicine: /

c) Other Uses: Attractive to butterflies, birds and bees. Commonly used as a beautiful, decorative plant. Ideal for women (and everyone else!) to place in their hair as a beautiful decoration.

3) Growing Instructions

a) Growing: Heat and drought resistant, but water when dry for a good look. Plant Mexican sunflower behind beds or borders where their coarse texture, rangy habit and vivid flowers will stand above less boisterous plantings.

Mexican Sunflower Leaf

Mexican Sunflower Leaf

b) Best time to Harvest: Blooms late summer / early fall

c) Sunlight Requirements: Thrives in full sunlight
d) Soil Requirements
Needs well-drained soil.

e) Propagation: Has an excellent capacity to self-sow. Can also be planted directly from seed or  use your hands to snap back the branches or a lopper, and spear into desired location.

f) Controlling Spread: This plant grows very quickly but it is easy to weed. Branches are so weak they can be broken off by hand. We try to keep this plant in areas that we don’t access often like the front of the property and in the front side of the crater.

g) Difficulties with this plant: The branches grow erratically in all directions, even horizontally so it should not be in any border areas where it will just grow over the border.

h) History of this Plant at Hedonisia: All the Mexican Sunflowers we have on the property started from just one potted plant!

i) Location on Property: Garden E and Garden S