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Hedonisia Hawaii Botanical Plant Inventory

Queen Emma Lily

1) General Information:

Queen Emma Lily Hawaii

Queen Emma Lily Hawaii

a) Scientific Name & Nicknames: Crinum augustum, Giant Spider Lily
b) Region of Origin: 
Native to Africa

c) Type: Beautiful

d) General History: This cultivar is named for Queen Emma, known for her humanitarian efforts and wife of Kamehameha IV. The leaves are dark maroon and can reach 18 to 36 inches in height. Makes a bold statement in any garden setting, especially in mixed color plantings. Flowers are pinkish purple and sweetly fragrant and bloom from late spring to mid-summer. Makes a great centerpiece by any swimming pool or patio. Plant in full to partial sun, the more light this plant gets, the darker the color will be. Needs very high moisture, so be sure to water regularly and do not let dry out between waterings.

2) Plant Uses:

a) As Food: Parts of plant are poisonous if ingested

b) As Medicine: n/a

c) Other Uses: n/a

3) Growing Instructions

a) Growing: Add composted cow manure and organic peat humus to the hole when you plant. No trimming is needed other than to remove browned leaves. To keep the plant looking tidy, you may want to clean up around the base occasionally, removing any excess pups.

b) Best time to Harvest: n/a

c) Sunlight Requirements: Sun to Partial Shade; Light Shade

d) Soil Requirements: n/a

e) Propagation:

  • These must be planted with full roots (rhizomes) or by cutting the rhizomes into pieces, each piece should have a minimum of 2 eyes.
  • Dig hole large enough to contain root ball,
  • gently paper bag (mulch) around cuttings and place new soil on top and weigh down with rock or guava branches.
  • Water thoroughly

f) Controlling Spread: n/a

g) Difficulties with this plant: It contains toxins and the sap can cause skin irritations in some people who are especially sensitive. If that describes you, wear gloves when handling.

h) History of this Plant at Hedonisia: n/a

Location on Property: Garden B and Garden E