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Hedonisia Hawaii Botanical Plant Inventory

Royal Palm

1) Royal Palm Tree

History & General Information:

a) Scientific Name:

b) Region of Origin:

c) General History: Pending

d) Plant Uses: 

e) As Food: NA

f) As Medicine:

3) Growing Instructions

a) Growing: To allow for vigorous root growth, soils should be fertile and loose but not allowed to dry out. Mulch can be useful on some soils. Avoid soils that are prone to waterlogging since this can inhibit growth and cause root rot. For this reason kava is often planted on sloping land. Provide shade and protection from the wind. Kava cuttings require moist conditions at the time of planting to develop shoots and roots. The use of sand, timber shavings or compost in the soil can help the soil from becoming too wet.

b) Best time to Harvest: N/A

c) Sunlight Requirements:

d) Soil Requirements:

e) Propagation: Propagation can be done by stem cuttings at any time of year, using bottom heat.

f) Controlling Spread: Simply by lopping off branches to control height and spread

g) Difficulties:  None known. It’s self sustaining and easy to grow.

h) History of this Plant at Hedonisia: Pending

i) Location on Property: Garden A