Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community Vacation Rentals and Green Hostel!

Eco-Community Facilities

Community Hang-Out Area

Sit back and enjoy the fresh clear Hawaii air while making some new friends in our community hangout area. Our covered outdoor seating area is available for those staying on the property to relax and enjoy throughout the day.

Yoga and Activity Space

Communal space for group activities like watching movies, playing games and practicing yoga! This multipurpose space is available for those staying at the community to enjoy and share together.

Outdoor Kitchen

One of the first things people often notice is our out-door and completely open air kitchen! It’s a unique cooking experience! Store your personal food items in your own designated refrigerator spot and food storage space.

Harvesting from the Land

We have a variety of edibles growing on the property including salad greens, fruiting trees and an herb spiral. Community participants are welcome to share and enjoy what is growing on the property during their stay!

Shared Food Items

Shared abundance… have or harvested more than you need? We have designated areas for produce, spices and extra food items for community members to share with each other.

Personal Food Storage

A problem at many hostels is shared storage space for food items that often get taken by other guests. At Hedonisia you are assigned a refrigerator spot and food storage space when you arrive to store your personal food items during your stay.

Recycling and Compost Zones

Our community recycling center occupies a prominent location on the property, the community is dedicated to comprehensive reduce, reuse and recycling practices. All organic materials should be put into the compost bin though, scraps provide food for the chickens on the property and later as nutrients for the plants.

Smoking Temple Lounge

Based on community feedback we designed our outdoor smoking area to be comfortable, covered from the rain and with plenty of seating options, and accessible for those who would like to use the space yet far enough away from the general communal areas to reduce impact on non-smokers.

Community Solar Jungle Shower

Private Outdoor Solar Shower

Enjoy a semi-outdoor ‘jungle solar shower’ powered by the sun! Our community shower is open-air and completely private. Yet it has a gorgeous lush jungle view! On sunny days the water is warmed naturally by the sun.¬†On cloudy days, we have you covered! When it is raining for an extended[…]

Garden Eco-Toilet with Bidet

Open-air and completely private, our community toilet comes with a garden view! While enjoying the view give our hand-held, eco-friendly bidet a try, we have provided illustrated instructions on how to use it! Toilet paper is of course provided at Hedonisia but we encourage guests to use our bidet which[…]

Personal Grooming Sinks

There is no need to go completely wild while living in the jungle… we have conveniently located outdoor sinks available for hand-washing and tooth-brushing complete with mirrors for shaving and grooming.

Eco-Laundry Facilities

On site, self-service, eco-laundry for both washing and drying available. Our community washer is energy efficient and uses less water and energy than standard machines. Priced per load, eco-friendly soap provided for you.