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The 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption destroyed our community in Hawaii.

Hedonisia Post-Volcano Volunteer Programs

We are still waiting for the county to restore road access to our lava-inundated land.

Our community is now online. We offer a Virtual Volunteer Program that individuals can participate in no matter where they live in the world.

Volunteers can choose to work on projects that they find interesting in the Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Projects as part of their virtual volunteer duties.


As an eco-feminist community, Hedonisia has focused on female empowerment through our policies, practices, and web projects.

Living in the jungle and learning self-reliance and stoicism can be very empowering for women who realize they can do a lot for themselves without having to rely on men.

The natural exposure you have in the Hawaiian rainforest will help sharpen many skills, including some you may not even know you possess.

Eco-feminism draws connections between the feminist and environmental movements. It equates the treatment of women on the planet with the treatment of Mother Earth. It also references the fact that women's work in the world is traditionally more closely connected to the planet.

An eco-feminist community in hawaii
Eco-Feminist Jungle Queen Kim - 2018

At Hedonisia, we believe the best method of learning is through doing, and you get the chance to do a whole lot.

Many women report how surprised at how multifaceted and handy they are. Identifying your strengths is one of the most empowering things you can do.

It is not feminist to ‘coddle’ a female with only gentle feedback. We help you with our guidelines on environmental adaptation and empowerment as you settle into your volunteer or intern life.

With our Jungle Queen program, women tend to become stronger when allowed the opportunity to be challenged by a real jungle. When a woman feels comfortable and confident to navigate the jungle without needing a man she feels strong and independent. It is why many women told us they chose to stay in our little rainforest Hawaiian community.

Pre-Volcano Historical & Sentimental Video

Here is a beautiful video that we created about our pre-volcano community in 2015. All the video shots of the community show a structure and system that was lost to the lava.

If you arrive as an intern today, your experience will not be as communal as before as nearly every part of the Hedonisia property featured, was destroyed by lava.

However, if you do resonate with any of the projects in our portfolio, you would be able to work on them as part of your internship.

Pre-Volcano Intern Manager Testimonial: Hedonisia has given me so much growth!  I am eternally grateful for the family I have made & the experiences we've shared. I came here a co-dependent burnt-out young woman. I am leaving a spiritually sound stress-free Fairy:-) This has been my first time traveling without my family.  I cannot wait to keep learning from the work I do and the people I've met. I will always consider Hedo my home and I hope to come back.  Thank you for everything this community has given me. I will miss my Intern Team so incredibly much. I'll stay in touch. Love and Light always <3 Emily 2015

Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Feminist Community Information:

  1. Female Travelers in Hawaii. We try to address the needs and concerns of females who are traveling alone or with other women in Hawaii.
  2. Consent Culture Community. Guidelines and policies we developed for a fun, harmonious, and safe community.
  3. Jungle Queens. We give women the tools and structure to become empowered physically, intellectually, creatively, and in nature in our rainforest community.
  4. Male Feminists. We welcome male feminists and guys who are supportive of empowered females into any of our programs.
  5. Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web ProjectsThis is a core part of our community that volunteers and interns can work on as part of their duties.

Post-Volcano Hedonisia Links

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