Female Travelers in Hawaii

Archive Page: Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community

RIP: August 2004 - May 4, 2018. (Evacuation date) 

The 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption destroyed our community in Hawaii.
This page will remain part of the Pre-Volcano Hedonisia Virtual Memorial. With our approach to community living based on ecotourism and ecofeminism, we attracted amazing people from across the globe.

We are still waiting for the county to restore road access to our volcano home.

Hedonisia Post-Volcano Volunteer Program

Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio
Lava to Lotus

We are now an online community based on interest and support for the projects in the Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio.

These projects were either born or developed in our pre-volcano community. 

We invite you to be a part of our online community:

  1. Become a Virtual Volunteer
  2. Become a Hedonisia Member


Women in our Eco-Community: Interns, Volunteers, or Guests

More and more female travelers in Hawaii are traveling by themselves and would like to go to a place that feels safe and female-friendly.

Ecofeminist Intern female traveler in Hawaii
Hannah Eco-Feminist Intern

Because of the work, we do both in the community and on the web, we define ourselves as an 'ecofeminist community' with several programs and policies ensuring female travelers in Hawaii to feel at home'.

Female travelers in Hawaii might also like our “community of individuals” philosophy. While visitors on the property may do things together as a community such as sharing meals or going on trips together; this is not obligatory. In other words, for female travelers in Hawaii, we provide choice-based residential vacation options.

As long as you follow our community guidelines, you can do your own thing! You can be as “social” as you want to. A female traveler in Hawaii can arrive either with a friend or alone and be assured of safety, privacy, security, and friendly people.

Female Travelers in Hawaii: Feminine Empowerment & Enterprise

Here are some of the policies and practices that make ours an eco-feminist community.

1) Dating and Sexual Harassment

Intern and Volunteer at Rest in Hawaii
A Lazy Day at our Community in Hawaii

Our sustainable community is called “Hedonisia” and it is a very social place! Dating can and does happen.

We do not tolerate sexual harassment yet at the same time, we did not want to live in the sterile dating atmosphere of the typical American workplace.

Our community is relatively small which allows visitors to get to know each other very quickly and on a much deeper level.

And so, we developed the Hedonisia Consent Culture Guidelines which allows for socialization but with protection for personal space, boundaries, and privacy.

2) Affordable Private or Same Gender Dorm Lodgings

We designed and located most Hedonisia accommodations to offer a fair amount of privacy so that you can retreat into your own space whenever you want. Our dorm spaces have only two beds and are the same gender. So if you choose a dorm space, at max you would only have to share with another female.

3) EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Writing & Research

In addition to our ecotourist services, Hedonisia Hawaii is also very active with women’s causes on the web through the Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Projects.

Interested volunteers with writing and research skills may work on various research and writing projects as part of their work exchange under the Hedonisia Fair-Trade Volunteer Program or as Intern Community Managers.

Past Hedonisia Interns working on Eco-Feminist Projects

Eco-Feminist Intern Community Manager in Hawaii
Katarina: Intern Focus: World Art Erotica

Feminist Entrepreneur Intern
Cheyanne - 2014. 

Intern Apprentice Manager in Hawaii
Jordie - 2013. Focus: Property Manager 

4) Activist & HedoFeminist Entrepreneur Course

We offer Business Coaching Sessions based on our Activist Entrepreneur approach to business which is designed especially for those who wish to create businesses that further the cause of female equality.

5) Female Physical Empowerment: Self-Defense for Women

In our interpretation of feminist philosophy, we focus on female empowerment as opposed to victimization. So we invite prospective volunteers, interns, and guests who are knowledgeable about female self-defense to come to Hedonisia to teach self-defense classes for women.

If you have skills or experience in self-defense you are welcome to offer them as part of your volunteer or intern work.

6) Female Environmental Empowerment: Jungle Queens

'Real women' live in the Jungle! The lush rainforest can be mysterious and a little scary. However, women of different ages can overcome their urban fears of the natural world. To be able to live in the jungle can be very empowering, especially for women who are often viewed as less able to fend for themselves in nature. As far as jungles go, our Hawaiian rainforest is about as safe as it gets. There are no poisonous or dangerous animals here.

We have tried to make our eco-community cleaner, more comfortable, and a little more 'civilized'. However, there are natural challenges. That is why we want 'eco-feminists', women who can step a little out of their comfort zone to enjoy being part of our effort to protect and preserve Mother Nature. We encourage (but do not require), females to do so-called 'guy's stuff', volunteering on the land doing physical or 'bodywork'.