Jungle Queen Program

Archive Page: Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community

RIP: August 2004 - May 4, 2018. (Evacuation date) 

The 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption destroyed our community in Hawaii.
This page will remain part of the Pre-Volcano Hedonisia Virtual Memorial. With our approach to community living based on ecotourism and ecofeminism, we attracted amazing people from across the globe.

We are still waiting for the county to restore road access to our volcano home.

Hedonisia Post-Volcano VolunteerPrograms

In the interim, we are now an online community based on interest and support for the projects in the Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio. These projects were either born or developed in our pre-volcano community. 

We invite you to be a part of our online community:

  1. Become a Virtual Volunteer
  2. Become a Hedonisia Member


Over the years we noticed that, despite our focus on female empowerment and equality, many women who arrived here were a little afraid of being in nature. Urban females can sometimes be terrified if they see a spider or other 'creepy crawlies'. They will shudder if they hear a strange sound and treat the jungle like it's a horror movie.

We are not being gender-specific. However, we describe a real issue; the fact that many urban dwellers of any gender, are challenged by living harmoniously in nature.

We help you rediscover your inner Jane or Tarzan to be a 'Jungle Queen' or 'King of the Jungle' rather than a complaining 'Prissy Prince(ss)'. It is a more empowering feeling for women rather than feeling dependent on a man to protect them from nature.

We try our best to accommodate the sensitivities of all of our visitors. However, it only takes one complaining prince(ss) to bring down the energy of everyone in the community.

It's fine to come to Hedonisia as a Prissy Princess! We have accepted many urban female applicants who have delicate sensibilities when it comes to living in a jungle. However, they all want to be Jungle Queens! Even the most urban 'prissy princess' female can adapt to rainforest living if they arrive with an open mind.

Life begins outside of your comfort zone! You're a lot less fragile than you think! We hope to inspire you to be a Jungle Queen.

As part of their Heart work, many women have created inspirational murals on the property depicting strong warrior jungle queens.

Hedonisia Community Jungle Queen Alumni

Here is a small fraction of women who for the most part, have never lived in a jungle but who adapted well to their rainforest home at Hedonisia up to when the volcano hit our property. There will be no more photos until we can return.

We only list 3 Jungle Queens per year. For returning visitors, please don't be offended if you are not listed!

The year our community was taken by the volcano.

intern in Hawaii
Kim started as an Intern when the volcano hit.

Hawaii Jungle Queen Volunteer!
Olivia Jungle Queen Volunteer

Volunteer Carpenter & Builder in Hawaii
Volunteer Carpenter & Builder - Beaulah


Female Jungle Intern
Francesca: Eco-Feminism

Female Eco-Builders
Karrie: Building Work

Jungle Queen Interns
Kesi on Heart Work


Fire Ant Control in Puna
German Alexandra on Fire Ant Patrol!

Intern in Hawaii
Intern Katelyn

Eco-Feminist Community
Emma from England - Eco-Feminist Focus


Hawaii Heart, Body, Brain Focus Intern!

Heather: Eco-Feminist

Anchor Intern in Hawaii

Kate - Anchor Intern


Canadian Volunteer in Hawaii
Ashlynn: Volunteer

Jungle Intern in Hawaii
Sierra: Jungle Queen

Manager in Hawaii
Susan: Jungle Garden


Senior Volunteers in Hawaii
Elka Volunteer 2013

Austrian Intern in Hawaii
Vanilla Intern 2013

Fiona with BB Gun. Empowered Intern!
Fiona Intern 2013/4


German Voluntourist in Hawaii
German Tourist Denise

Hawaii Winter Intern
Colleen - Intern

Hawaii Volunteer EcoTourism
EcoTourist Alice


Female Interns in Hawaii
Christina Interning with Barbara the Chicken

Hawaii Bookings and Reservations Director
Former Bookings Director Linda

English EcoTourist in Hawaii
Nadia - UK Monthly Guest


Jasmine 2010 Artist Volunteer
Jasmine Art Volunteer

Canadian Artist Volunteer
Canadian Artist

Willi - Hawaii Manager
Willi - Hedo Manager


British Volunteer in Hawaii
Leanda - UK Volunteer

Michaella UK Volunteer
Michaella UK Volunteer

Shae Yoga Volunteer
Shae - Yoga Volunteer


Volunteers from England in Hawaii
Michaella Volunteer

Intentional Community Manager in Hawaii
Lisa Manager

Hawai'i Eco-Community Volunteer
Christian Volunteer


Chishimba Hawaii Community Manager
Chishimba Manager

Swedish Volunteer in Hawaii
Nastasjia Volunteer

Rachel Ecstatic Dance Volunteer
Rachel Volunteer


New Yorker in Hawaii
Allison Volunteer

Karene in Hawaii
Karene BFF

From Mexico to Hawaii
Rosa Manager


Volunteer Tattoo in Hawaii
Christine Volunteer

Angel in Hawaii
Angel Volunteer

Hawaii Jungle Queen
Emily Volunteer


Althea Houk in Hawaii 2004
Althea Baby Queen

Mojo in Hawaii 2004
Mojo: The Original Prissy Princess!

Ex-wife in Hawaii
Leah Wisconsin


With tongue firmly in cheek, we have created a list of the main differences. We absolutely welcome you as a Prissy Princess. We hope that you will leave a Jungle Queen!

Prissy Prince(ss)

Empowered Jungle Queen or King

• Does not appreciate the work we are doing. Only complain that we are not like a 'normal' hotel. 

• Comes to a rainforest and then complains about the rain!

• Complaints to anyone and everyone to make 'allies' for their 'cause' creating negativity for the entire community.

• Did not read the website thoroughly to understand the program, community, surroundings, transport, etc.

• Instead blame us for not being the fantasy community that they created in their head.

• Wants to sanitize, bleach, and kill all the germs and mold in the jungle.

• Sees an insect or hears a jungle sound and 'freaks out'.

• Wants everything to be exact and predictable.

Ψ Sees the 'big picture' and appreciates that it took a lot of work to get this community to the place it is at.

Ψ Finds it challenging and rewarding to 'work in the land' and is okay with a little dirt and mud.

Ψ Knows that a woman can be strong and still feminine

Ψ Feels empowered in nature when she does not feel that she needs a man to 'scare away the spiders'.

Ψ Willing to work on solutions rather than just being a complainer.

Ψ Proud of the scratches that come from living in the rainforest.

Ψ Understands that living in a rain forest in a lava zone requires flexibility and adaptability and ENJOYS a little unpredictability.

Ψ Wants to learn and grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Appreciates the rainforest as a great place to do so.