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Moringa Tree

1) Plant & General Information: 

  • Location on Property: Avocado Hale
  • Moringa Tree Hawaii

    Moringa Tree Hawaii

    Scientific nameMoringa Oleifera

  • Region of origin: M. Oleifera is native to the Indian subcontinent, but, thanks to its ability to grow both in humid and hot dry lands and survive in less fertile soils chronically affected by drought, it has become naturalized in tropical and subtropical areas around the world
  • Type: Edible
  • General History: Once eaten by the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, Moringa oleifera leaves have been used in traditional medicine passed down for centuries in many cultures. In the Ayurvedic system of medicine, moringa is said to cure or prevent around 300 diseases. More recently, the modern scientific community has begun to validate many of these claims with over 1300 studies, articles, and publications on Moringa.


  • Kaeng Som Marum

    Kaeng Som Marum

    As food: While many look to Africa and the Middle East when thinking of Moringa, Hawaii was the first American state to cultivate it. Additionally, the flavor of Moringa has been compared to matcha or Japanese green tea. How serendipitous that moringa can easily be added to many Hawaiian snacks to give it that extra flavor and nutrition.

  • As Medicine: Moringa Tea is truly a superfood. Ancient cultures worldwide have been drinking this miracle food for thousands of years. Research suggests the antioxidants found in Moringa can help control blood glucose levels, prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.  It is also used for skin disorder treatment, sleep improvement, relief from anxiety and depression. It can give you a huge boost in energy. The energy one gets from Moranga is natural, and not sugar based so it is sustained.  Moranga is extremely nutrient dense, and has very high levels of the following:
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Protein
  • Zinc

3) Propagation:

  • General: Moringa grows in a variety of climates and substandard soils and it is as fast-growing as it is hearty. Normal growth ranges from 3-5 meters per year if left uncropped. It is one of the fastest growing biomasses on the planet when properly nourished.
  • Best time to Harvest: NA
  • Sunlight Requirements: It grows best in direct sunlight under 500 meters altitude.  Temperature ranges are 25-35 degrees Celsius (0-95 degrees Fahrenheit), but the tree will tolerate up to 48 degrees in the shade and it can survive a light frost
  • Soil Requirements: It tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, but prefers a neutral to slightly acidic (pH. 6.3-7.0), well-drained sandy or loamy soil.
  • Propagation: Cutting/Grafting
  • Controlling Spread: Propagation
  • Difficulties with this plant: Minimum annual rainfall requirements are estimated at 250mm with maximum at over 3,000mm

3) Medicinal Qualities:

1. The seeds of moringa contain 40 percent edible oil known as Ben oil. This clear, sweet and odorless oil is rich in antioxidants and is similar to olive oil in terms of its nutritional profile.It has an indefinite shelf life as it does not turn rancid like other oils.

2. Moringa leaves are the most widely used parts of this plant. These leaves are edible. They contain three times more iron than spinach.

3. Moringa contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which are needed to grow, repair and maintain cells. Human body manufactures 10 to 12 amino acids. The remaining 8 amino acids are known as the essential amino acids which should be provided from everyday diet and moringa contains all of them. The list of essential amino acids and their benefits are given below.

ISOLEUCINE Helps in building protein and enzymes and creation of biochemical components within the body.
LEUCINE Builds protein and enzymes along with isoleucine to enhance body’s energy and alertness.
LYSINE Ensures the absorption of the right amount of calcium by the body and aids in collagen formation and production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes. Maintains the balance of nutrients that reduce viral growth.
METHEONINE Provides sulfur to the body and prevents hair, skin and nail problems. Lowers cholesterol levels by increasing liver’s production of lecithin. Helps in reducing liver fat and bladder irritation.
PHENYLALAINE Production of chemicals required to transmit signals between nerve cells and brain, thus reducing hunger pains. It also improves memory.
THREONINE Forms an important part of collagen, elastin and enamel proteins. Assists metabolism, prevents fat build up in the liver and boosts digestive and intestinal tracts.
TRYTOHYAN Supports the immune system and alleviates insomnia. Reduction of anxiety, depression and migraine symptoms. Decreases the risk of artery and heart spasms as it reduces cholesterol levels along with lysine.
VALINE Promotes a sharp mind, coordinated muscles, and calm mood

4. The Moringa leaves help in boosting energy levels in a natural manner, which is long lasting. It is also found to heal ulcers, restrict tumors, reduce arthritis pain and inflammation and control blood pressure.

5. Daily consumption of moringa as part of the diet improves body’s natural defense mechanism. It is an immune stimulant and it is often prescribed for AIDS afflicted patients.

6. It is rich in vitamin A or beta-carotene and acts as an effective weapon against blindness.

7. It plays an important role in lactating mothers. Consumption of moringa is reported to cause a dramatic increase in breast milk.

8. As it balances the sugar levels, it can be extremely effective against diabetics.

9. Increased consumption of junk food in the present scenario can lead to high cholesterol levels. Moringa helps in balancing the cholesterol levels in the body.

10. Consumption of moringa leaves stimulates metabolism and cell structure of the body.

11. This plant also has several antibacterial properties and hence can be used as a purifier and as a natural detoxifier.

  • Moringa seeds mixed into impure water can help in absorbing all the impurities.
  • Moringa helps in the removal and excretion of toxic build up by attracting toxins from the blood.

12. No side effects of moringa leaves have been reported. Hence, it can be safely consumed by children and adults. Nowadays, it is used in porridge, pastas, and breads to increase the nutrient content of meals.

13. Moringa supplements are better than most of the multivitamin and calcium supplements available in the market which uses synthetic ingredients. Moringa supplements are prepared from moringa leaves and pods which are natural sources of calcium and multivitamins.Their processing method increases the availability and absorption of nutrients by the body.

14. Moringa seeds are used in the manufacture of perfumes and aromatherapy oils. The flowers of moringa are used in making herbal tea which contains flavonoids and antioxidants.



16 oz of fresh Moringa
1 cup of Sour Cream
1 portion of Onion Sauce (cook onions in a pan with oil and add water to cover. Let cook for 20~30 minutes)


Thaw the moringa and remove any excess stems. Mix with sour cream and the onion sauce. Add more sour cream if you like a creamier consistency or white flour if it’s too wet. Lightly oil a baking dish and use a spatula to put the mixture in the dish. Bake uncovered for 30 minutes in a 350-degree oven. Serves four. You’ll sleep like a baby!


1 cup of beans
2-3 cups of water
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 small onion
1 medium tomato
½ cup of shrimp, pork, chicken or beef
1 cup fresh Moringa leaves
1 Tbsp of fish sauce, or to taste
Salt and pepper to taste


Boil the beans until tender. While the beans are boiling, sauté the onions, garlic, and tomato. When beans are tender add the tomato, onion, garlic to the beans. Strip the Moringa leaves from the stems, remove any excess stems from the leaves. Add fish sauce. Add fresh Moringa leaves. Salt and pepper to taste.
This is the preferred side dish for Adobo Chicken

MORINGA TEA                                                                                                                                             Put one tbsp of Moringa dried leaves in a cup. Add boiling water and let sit for 5 minutes. Enjoy!


Mix Moringa leaves with turmeric for treating wounds and cuts.