10. ARRIVAL. What are your check-in hours? If I arrive late what should I do?

4 Mar

By car please try to arrive by or after 2PM. Please arrive by or after 2PM. We do prefer check-ins during daylight hours as the property is very beautiful. so it is nice to be able to see it! As well  Also, for some out-of-the-way lodgings such as like Ocean View or Puka Hale, it is easier to see it during the day than it is to so that it is easier to walk at night.

If you already have a reservation an Intern will be ready to greet you. If you are arriving past 10pm be sure to let us know so that an intern stays up to show you the bathroom facilities and your lodgings. Once rested we will give you a full tour of the community facilities the next morning.

Please note that we do have late arrival charges for those who arrive after 10:30pm. We also request that you try to NOT arrive after midnight!