6. BABIES & CHILDREN. Can we bring our baby or child(ren) with us if we wish to stay at Hedonisia?

4 Mar

Babies & Children in Community

Hedonisia Hawaii is not well suited for babies or children due to the volcanic crater on the property and the sensual 'Hedonisia' art murals that adorn many of our lodgings and facilities.

Jungle Cottage Pond Facade Hawaii
Jungle Cottage: Our most child-friendly lodging

However, aside from the crater and sex-positive feminist art, there is another reason the parents of babies and children might not want to stay at Hedonisia for longer than 5 days. And that reason is Litle Fire Ants who are on the property and are attracted to any mess that involves food.

While adults know not to eat in their bed spaces, Kids and babies will eat and make messes. This attracts ants which then can bite them causing pain and crying. This can be distressing for the community at large especially at night with a crying baby.

We, therefore, cannot host a family with children for more than 5 nights unless they are staying in the Jungle Cottage. This is our most private lodging.

Compassion for children is our first thought so we will not turn parents away who show up without a reservation if we have space available.

However, parents must understand and appreciate that this is primarily a community with an adult focus.

Parents with children can only stay for up to 5 nights as Nightly Guests with a Signed Parental Liability Release in addition to the usual Guest Registration Form.