14. CANCELATION or PROGRAM CHANGE. What is your Cancellation or Program Change Policy if the internship is not suitable for me? Can I change to another program?

23 Nov

Intern Cancelation Policy

An Applicant's payment is for the Intern Training and includes lodgings for 3 weeks.

While we have had many Interns who enjoy the Hedonisia Hawaii Community life, we understand that this Internship is not for everyone. We want to have the most motivated, friendly, responsible and hardworking Interns who can enjoy their life in the rainforest whilst participating in a community that is small in size but global in reach.

We simply cannot guarantee acceptance of all applicants. It is only when someone has arrived and worked with us for a while that we are truly able to assess whether they would be a good fit as an Intern at Hedonisia Hawaii. This goes both ways, of course. After living and working here you will know if this is a good fit for you!

However, even if you don’t get the position you still would have been able to enjoy three weeks stay at Hedonisia and a training in sustainable community management. At $695 that is a great deal!

Compassionate Cancelations or Change of Program

We or you could decide that you are not a good fit for the Community Intern Manager Program before the 3 weeks are up. Assuming there is no other issue such as a serious violation of our Community Guidelines, we can pro-rate your payment ( - $40 processing fee) towards one of our other programs:

  1. Weekly/Monthly Community Experience. Depending on the Lodging you choose we will pro-rate accordingly. This option will give you the most free time to search around if you want to find another community or place to stay.
  2. Fair-Trade Volunteer. That would work out to roughly 5 weeks total as a volunteer assuming you want to change programs during the first week.

Canceling Before Arrival. If you decide to cancel before you arrive we charge a $200 Cancellation Fee because we have reserved this intern space for you. In addition, each approved application involves time and energy to process.

Compassionate Refund Cancelation Form: It is community policy that, once you begin your internship we do not issue a refund. However, we understand that each person sometimes has special circumstances and so we have a Compassionate Refund Policy.

When you complete this form please give your reasons for wanting to cancel. This is a Compassionate Refund and not obligatory so we are interested in your personal story. If you are already on the property the size of the refund is dependent upon how you conduct yourself on the property and how well you clean your bed space when you leave. Once approved your refund will go back to the card you originally used for your payment after your departure.

Volunteer or Taste of Hedonisia Cancelation. Please go to the Hedonisia Reservation Info Page for our Cancellation Policy for pre or post-arrival cancellations for Guests and Volunteers.