3. COMMUNITY FRIENDS & DONATIONS. How can I support this community and the work you are doing?

28 Feb

As well as offering eco-friendly lodgings, Hedonisia is very active in socially progressive causes through our portfolio of eco-feminist web projects.

We love to host visitors from around the world. Many visitors over the years have become good friends. In fact, Mojo the Community Director, has met 'ex-Hedonisians' in Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Portland, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto!

Volunteers or Interns who have worked on and care deeply about these projects are considered Community Members and Friends who then have priority over other applicants if returning for another stint at our little jungle community!

Support Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Community!

We may be a tiny community but our web projects have a global reach! Even if you are not coming to Hedonisia to stay as a GuestVolunteer or Intern there are still ways you can help to support our community and the work we are doing.

1) Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community!

To support us with our local community activities and projects you can simply donate directly via Paypal or you can purchase our Hedonisia Handbook on Sustainable Community Management!

 Donation Link

2) Visit our Feminist, Activist & Community Enterprise Web Projects

Whilst growing our eco-community in Hawaii we have simultaneously been engaged in building web-based socially progressive projects with a global reach.

With the assistance of over 30 Hedonisia 'eco-feminist' volunteers and interns, our web projects are slowly having an impact. For example, NaturalMiscarriage.org, a feminist enterprise pro-choice website we manage, has been visited by over 1 million women around the world.

We have received countless testimonials from women from around the world whose lives and reproductive choices were positively changed by the information we provided on this site.

4) Link to Hedonisia Hawaii

Or you can simply 'Like' any website with your Facebook account! Support could be as little as writing a little note about us on a blog or Reddit.

  1. SITE NAME: Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community & EcoHostel
    URL: hedonisia.com
    TEXT DESCRIPTION: A Sustainable Community on Big Island, Hawaii offering Volunteer and Intern programs for those who wish to enjoy a working holiday in Hawaii as well as affordable green Hawaiian Vacation Lodgings.

    Or you are welcome to use our banner:

    Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community and EcoHostel
    Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community