10. FOOD. Agritourism produce for Volunteers or Interns.

23 Nov

Eco-Community Agritourism in Hawaii!

Tropical Eating!
Tropical Produce at Hedonisia!

About 10% of your payment is considered an Agricultural Farm Produce Fee. This means that any food plants growing on the property when in season, is free for Volunteers, Guests or Interns to use.

Our online Botanical Inventory List of Hedonisia Plants includes all edibles that we grow. However be sure to have enough funds to buy food for your remaining needs.

We have private food lockers to store your personal food items and you can cook in our beautiful Haka Hou Mana Mana. (Jungle Style Kitchen!)

There is also a Communal Food Area where foodstuffs that are donated or left behind by previous guests are available for community members to use.

As part of your pick-up fee from the airport, we stop by a grocery store so you can stock up!

Hedonisia is defined as, “A community of independent individuals (and couples)!”. Occasionally, we share our food and eat our meals together, but those times are random and spontaneous.

We provide a full Community Jungle Kitchen where visitors can prepare their food.

There are also restaurants, supermarkets and the Island Naturals Market and Deli located about 5 miles away in the town of Pahoa.