11. FULL HOUSE! If you are full are there any other options or can I just do the training?

28 Nov
Interns and volunteers in Hawaii
Intern & Volunteer Team: Winter 2016

With a maximum population of 7 we do give long term preference to Interns who have the ability and enthusiasm to work on any of our feminist and activist enterprise projects. These projects are a core part of our community identity and our ideal Interns should have at least some interest in them.

Interns can stay up to a year at Hedonisia based on what we call WAFF: 

  1. Work Ethic: the ability to follow instructions, receive feedback and complete work efficiently!
  2. Availability: We can only accept Intern Members if we have available space!
  3. Flexibility: Intern’s ability to adapt to new guidelines without fuss.
  4. Friendliness: Is the Intern a community person who can live harmoniously with others?

If an intern does stay a year we recommend that they get away for a bit, go out in the world or connect with family and friends. As long as an Intern leaves in good standing they can return for another stint refreshed and renewed!

If we are full here are some options for applicants!

  1. Be a Volunteer. If you started as a volunteer, once you pay for the initial week the Volunteer program only costs $60 a week after that or $240 a month. That's $240 a month to stay in Hawaii!
  2. Be a Guest.The Weekly or Monthly stays are bit more expensive but still a good deal. If you have the budget you can stay or as a Weekly/Monthly Guest until a space becomes available.
  3. Visit Other Communities. While waiting for an Intern space to open up it is often a good time to visit other communities. We have found that when applicants visit other communities and then return that they have a greater appreciation of our community structure.
  4. Go Camping around the island! If you are on a budget you can just be a tourist and camp around the island.
  5. Try again another time! We cannot guarantee a space so even if you choose any of the above you may still not get a spot! In that case we still strongly recommend that you enjoy your time as a volunteer or guest and do a great job. Then apply for a future date!
  6. Training & then Waiting! You can also still register to do the intern training, if there are no intern placements available after you have completed the training and passed the training assessments you would be put on a waiting list for when an intern space opens up.

Our program is ongoing so interns can arrive at any time during the year. However, we recommend spring or fall as there is usually more availability in that time.

Support Intern. When we have a full quota of 7 interns or if an applicant wishes to stay for a shorter time, we offer a Support Internship that allows you to pay the Intern Training Fee to cover your training and lodgings at our community in Hawaii.

A Support Intern shadows an Intern Manager and assists them as they go about their duties so it is a lighter training. However, there would be no test at the end of their three weeks. They would have access to but would not be required to study the Hedonisia Handbook and all the other community guidelines.