7. HAWAII MONTHLY BUDGET. Can you recommend a monthly budget for living in Hawaii as a Volunteer or Intern?

23 Nov

Every person is different. Some like to eat more and some like to party more so each visitor's Hawaii monthly budget will be different depending on their needs.

Nevertheless, we have prepared a basic guideline for a Hawaii monthly budget when staying at Hedonisia as a GuestVolunteer or Intern:

  1. Food: Approximately $600 per month for supermarket and grocery purchases. However, this sum is dependent on your appetite!
  2. Eco-Community Agritourism Program. Guests are free to harvest tropical Produce on property.
  3. Transport: Approximately $500 (rental car) or $100 (hitchhiking & paid pickups)
  4. Medical & Personal Expenses: Toiletries & any medical expenses if you have a minor illness: $100
  5. Recreational! Your 'party' and 'entertainment' expenses so that is completely up to you! Many people socialize on the property and thus save money. Others like to go out. The choice is yours! However, because our area of Hawaii is more of a day culture, there is some but not much nightlife. This tends to save money as night entertainment can get very expensive.

So, with good financial planning and by partying a little less it is possible to have a very affordable working vacation in Hawaii about $750 a month!